The regular testing according to the system “Kaztest”

  • For effective performing the indicators of the State Program of Development and Functioning of Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-202 the Department of Language Development of the region and National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan will organize a test according to the system “Kaztest” on September 11-15,2017.
  • It is planned that over 2000 people will take part in it. Among them – public servants, workers of the organizations providing public services and workers of the budgetary organizations.

11/09/2017 82

Developing sport and tourism

Akim of Pavlodar region was presented the project of triathlon zone and ethnoaul, which would appear in Pavlodar on the opposite bank of Usolka microdistrict.

The total area of ​​the park is 540 hectares. In the future it will include a rowing canal, biathlon and triathlon zones, Olympic village and golf course. The designers noted that, first of all, the bank would be deepened and the bank strengthened. Bulat Bakauov paid special attention to run and bicycle tracks, which should not be flooded during the environmental water passes.

“Today it is necessary to complete the bridge to provide access to the other side and start bringing soil. The following work (exploratory survey, transportation and bringing soil) should be done before the winter. The designers have to provide calculations.

It is worth noting that capital construction is not planned on the other side. Therefore, the Olympic village will consist of easily erected buildings to provide sportsmen with beds and food.

The ethnoaul (15 he) will be in this place as well. It is expected that many cultural events will be held here.

“The place, chosen for the ethnoaul, is open, good windy and greenery. The principle of the ethnoaul – remoteness from the city”, the head of the Department of Architecture and Town-Planning of the region Nurlan Kakambetov said.

Akim of the region noted that in the ethnoaul there would not be block stones and asphalt.


Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

The individual entrepreneur from Novochernoyarka Ardak Nurgazin was engaged in poultry farming. Now in the hen house there are 7000 laying chicken of the breed “Haysex Brown”. The businessman plans to purchase 3000 in the autumn.

Having considered all pros and cons of the poultry farming, the entrepreneur chose laying hens. As you know, this direction is new in the region. Local businessmen usually grow vegetables and raise cattle.

In February Ardak Nurgazin obtained a credit under the program “Saryarka”. He promised to purchase ten thousand laying hens, repaired the hen house and purchased feed (KZ 28 mln). So, in the past the builder opened a mini-poultry farm in Pavlodar, then he decided to expand his production and moved to Pavlodar area.

“I took out a loan for seven years. I had poultry a little. In Novochernoyarka I expand business and bought more chicken. Now we are building a warehouse. We prepare for the winter. I expect to bring grain here”, Ardak Nurgazin said.

According to the chief specialist of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Agriculture Beibut Zhanguzhinov, the businessman purchased 180 tons of fodder. In the farm there is a fodder grinder. In general, chickens eat mixed fodder, millet, barley, wheat and 6-7 types of bioadditives. In each hutch there are three chickens, the room is ventilated. On the door of the hen house: “Quiet!”.

“For high egg production we try to isolate laying hens from noise”, Yevgeny Borisov noted.

Eugenia Vergilesova collects eggs and sorts them in categories. She uses kitchen scales: selected eggs weigh 65-74 g, first category – 55-64, second – 45-54 g.

“As a rule, we have eggs of the first category – it’s about 60%, selected ones -10% and second category – 30%. The egg production will be about 5000 for a day”, Eugenia Alexandrovna explained.

The entrepreneur has a lot of plans: to increase the number of laying hens up to 30000. Now Ardak Mukhtarkhanovich is building a grainery.


Ready, set, go!

The duathlon race was organized in Pavlodar within the Health Festival. The distance was 30 km.

About 5000 sports fans came to the city palace of Culture of Yestay. Among them there were professional athletes, doctors, students, schoolchildren and many others. Participants of duathlon should run 10 km and ride a bicycle – 20 km.

20-year-old Valery Dolgoshey won (1 min 35 sec). Akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov also took part in the marathon.

“We will aim that Pavlodar region remains the sporting region. It is necessary to go in for sports and involve young people in it. If the weather conditions allow next week we will plan to take part in the bicycle race from Pavlodar to Terenkol village (100 km) with professional cyclists and our veterans”, Bulat Bakauov noted.