A new kindergarten

A kindergarten is being built in Lvovka village of Kachiry area with help of public-private partnership. Akim of Pavlodar region arrived in the area with a working trip and saw the construction.

As it turned out, the kindergarten (cost – KZ 50 mln) is built for the money of the peasant farm “Wilhelm”. The head of the enterprise Alexander Wilhelm decided to make such gift within the program “Рухани жанғыру”. It is necessary only furniture and equipment.

“We have mini-centers where we can take all necessary furniture. The district authorities will help with kitchen stoves and washing machines,” the head of the Department of Education Bakhyt Bekseitova said.

Bulat Bakauov expressed gratitude to the businessman for his social responsibility. The head of the region promised to solve the issue to asphalt the road near the kindergarten next year and help the social teacher of Peschanskaya rural school Marat Alenov, who had decorated the yard of the educational institution with birds and animals made with his hands.

“Not everyone can do such things. We have to help such people, so that they can start the business. I am sure that many people will order such beauty. I will offer akim of the regional center to use the works of the master to decorate the city”, B.Bakauov noted.

The head of the region charged the Department of Entrepreneurship to consider the opportunity to give a grant to the master.

04/08/2017 119