All volunteers visit us

The republican forum of volunteers “Volunteer.KZ” was held in Pavlodar. The meeting took place in the city Palace of Culture of Yestay. Pavlodar volunteers celebrated a housewarming party in the “House of Volunteers”, former house of the children’s writer Akim Nekrasov. The building, constructed in the beginning of the last century, was idle for some decades. At the initiative of the youth, it was repaired at the expense of businessmen and transferred to nine volunteer organizations.

“This house is of historical value, therefore we have not changed the architectural appearance of the house. The building has repair and all necessary communications. When we asked Pavlodar organizations to help, no one refused us”, the director of the Center for Youth Development Initiatives Sayat Zhusupbayev said.

After the housewarming party Pavlodar volunteers participated in the republican forum “Volunteer.KZ”, which was attended by the volunteers from all over Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

“Pavlodar region is proud of its leaders and heads of the projects, who help children and adults, their village and school. It is modernization of consciousness – to help relatives, village and country, to live and breathe with the country. Today these projects are not just useful, the most important thing is that they are socially oriented. I am sincerely glad that the republican forum of volunteers is held at such high level in Pavlodar. We will continue to support the aspirations of Kazakhstan youth to be useful to the society”, akim of Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov said to the volunteers.

The best volunteer organizations were awarded with the statuettes “Рухани жаңғыру” in 15 nominations.

07/12/2017 29