Beneficial cooperation

Akim of Pavlodar region has met with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Israel and large corporation “Polevoi Group”. The foreign investors are ready to invest in the development of irrigation, meat production and fish farming in our region.

Workers from the Agency for attraction of investments and company “Kazakh Invest” recommended the guests from Israel to visit Pavlodar. As it turned out, in Astana the investors signed the contract (US 200 mln) with the holding company “KazAgro”. Therefore, a significant part of the amount will be invested in Pavlodar region.

“Our task is to focus on agriculture, which the President of the country has called “new driver of the economy”. Within the above mentioned amount, we are ready to consider some projects in your region, in particular, crop and animal production. We have been already informed about some of them”, the president of the corporation «Polevoi Group» Vladimir Polevoi said.

The investors are ready to invest up to 75% in each project, provided that the remaining amount will be invested by Kazakhstan.

“We can give new technologies to your region. To have success in the implementation of the projects, we are ready not only to finance them, but also to train specialists. We were recommended to start with Pavlodar region and we lay account with the local authorities”, the financier from Israel Arie Goldstein said.

The head of the region promised: investors will have any help.

“We believe that you can be interested in the production of poultry meat – in our region there is the market for it, besides, it can be imported. One more interesting direction is irrigation. We have access to inexpensive water and land. You can develop meat and dairy production as well as glasshouse industry in our region – there is cheap electricity for it. 500-700 th tons of wheat are grown in the region, but only 30% of this volume is processed – it is the potential for the development of flour milling”, Bulat Bakauov noted.

The guests plan to consider all projects. In addition, they were interested in growing of salmon in Pavlodar. The investors are ready to produce fish and import it to other countries by air.

09/08/2017 100