Entrepreneurship and industry

Information about SMB

The number of operating entities of SMB amounted to 43,872, among them:

– legal entities of small business – 7566;

– legal entities of medium-sized business – 94;

– individual entrepreneurs 32856;

– peasant or private farms – 3356;

Production output by small and medium-sized enterprises was KZ 497186 mln. In the total number of SMB, the share of individual entrepreneurs – 74.9%, small business – 17.2%, peasant or private farms – 7.6%, medium-sized business – 0.2%.

By October 1.2014 the number of employed in SMB totaled 128086 people.

By June 1, 2017, the number of registered legal entities and people of small and medium-sized business was 14055, among them 10487 or 74.6% -working, 6775 enterprises (64.6% among operating) were active.

The largest number of legal entities of Pavlodar region was registered in wholesale and retail trade; repair of cars and motorcycles, the share of which by June 1, 2017 was 30.4%. In the second place – construction (13%), third – manufacturing (8.2%). In total, the share of these three activities amounted to 51.6% of all registered legal entities.

The turnover of retail trade for January-May of 2017 made up KZ 120.5 bln and increased by 4.9% against the corresponding period of 2016.

By June 1, 2017 the volume of commodity stocks of trading enterprises in retail trade was KZ 14.9 bln

By June 1, 2017, the volume of commodity stocks of commercial enterprises in wholesale trade amounted to KZ 16.5 bln.

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Industry of Pavlodar region

Pavlodar region is characterized by the progressive and diversified structure of the economy. 7.3% of the total industrial output of the country is concentrated here.

Pavlodar region is one of the most developed industrial regions of Kazakhstan. It takes one of the leading positions in the republic. The region produces 61.1% of coal, 44.3% of the generated electricity, 76.1% of ferroalloys, 41.7% of gasoline and 100% of alumina and unprocessed aluminum.

The basis of the economy of Pavlodar region is industry. It employs more than 1/4 of the working population of the region and creates about 43% of the region’s GRP.

In Pavlodar region there are about 1000 of industrial enterprises, among them 15 backbone enterprises provide more than 70% of the total volume of industrial production. (“Bogatyr Komir” LP (coal production), “Eurasian Energy Corporation” JSC (coal production, electricity and heat production), Aksu Ferroalloy Plant – branch of JSC “TNC Kazchrome” JSC (production of ferroalloys), “Aluminium Kazakhstan” JSC (production of alumina, electricity), “Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant” JSC (production of unprocessed aluminum), PB LP “KSP Steel” (production of seamless pipes and steel), PB LP “Kasting” (steel production), “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant” (production of petroleum products, mineral raw materials, repair of other machinery and equipment, supply of steam and water), “Station Ekibastuz GRES-2” JSC (electricity generation).

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