On the consumption of food products in the households of the Pavlodar region
In 2016, the most consumed food products in households (on average per capita) were milk and dairy products, the least consumed – fish and seafood.
Food consumption
(Average per capita)

When comparing the consumption of the main types of food products by the population in rural and urban areas, the greatest differentiation is noted in consumption, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate, confectionery.
Consumption of food products in urban and rural areas
(Average per capita)

Posted: 05/25/2012 16:22
Modified: 05/26/2017 09:18
Brief results of social and economic development of Pavlodar region for January-April 2017
Short-term economic indicator in January-April 2017 by January-April 2016 amounted to 106.7%. The calculation of the short-term economic indicator is carried out to ensure promptness and is based on changing the indices of output in the basic sectors: agriculture, industry, construction, trade, transport and communications, accounting for more than 60% of GDP.
The volume of the gross regional product produced in January-December 2016 amounted to KZT 1908.7 billion, and compared to the corresponding period of 2015 amounted to 99.4%.
The volume of investments in fixed assets for January-April 2017 amounted to KZT 72.8 billion or 65.1% against January-April 2016. The predominant sources of investment in January-April 2017 are own funds – KZT 63.1 billion or 86.6% of total investments.
The volume of construction works for January-April 2017 was 24 billion tenge, the index of physical volume – 158.7%.
Commissioning of residential buildings amounted to 31.3 thousand square meters. M of the total area or 119.9% ​​compared to January-April 2016.
The volume of industrial production in January-April 2017 amounted to 575.5 billion tenge, the index of physical volume – 106.4%.
In the mining and quarrying industry, the volume index was 112.1%, in the manufacturing industry 105.5%, in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 104.8%, in collection, processing and distribution of water 92 %, In the sewage system – 89%, and in collection, processing and disposal of waste; Waste utilization – 139.2%.
In terms of activities 64.5% of industrial production falls on the manufacturing industry, 17.7% – electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, 17.1% – mining and quarrying, 0.3% – for the collection , Processing and distribution of water, 0.1% – on the sewage system and 0.3% – on waste collection, treatment and disposal; Waste disposal.
The volume of gross agricultural output in January-April 2017 amounted to KZT 26.4 billion, the index of physical volume amounted to 111%, including for crop production – 0.4 billion KZT, the index of physical volume – 100%, for livestock, respectively, 26 Billion tenge and 111.3%.
The volume of cargo turnover in January-April of 2017 amounted to 10 billion tkm or 102.3% to the corresponding period of 2016.
In the Svyaz industry, the physical volume index in January-April 2017 was 96.4%.
The volume of retail trade for January-April 2017 was 94 billion tenge, the index of physical volume – 103.9%.
The volume of wholesale trade amounted to 90.7 billion tenge, the index of physical volume – 98%.
For January-February, 2017, the mutual trade of Pavlodar region with the EEA member states amounted to 220.6 million US dollars. In the structure of mutual trade, imports predominated – 50.3% (the volume of goods imported into the region amounted to 110.9 million US dollars), for export accounted for 49.7% (goods worth 109.7 million US dollars were exported from the region).
The number of registered legal entities as of May 1, 2017 was 13971 units, of which active – 10385. With the number of employees up to 100 people, 13657 enterprises were registered. Among the existing legal entities, small businesses account for 97% (10072).
The consumer price index in April 2017 as compared to December 2016 amounted to 103.6%, for foodstuffs – 104.3%, for non-food products – 102.2%, for paid services – 104%.
As of May 1, 2017, the number of acting subjects of small and medium-sized business (SMEs) in the business structure of the region was 41471 units or 102.8% by the corresponding date of 2016, of which 7888 are legal entities of small business, 93 units are legal entities Medium entrepreneurship, 30267 units – individual entrepreneurs, 3223 units – farms or farms.
Output of goods (goods and services) by SMEs for January-December 2016 amounted to 497.2 billion tenge or 84.3% of the corresponding period of 2015.
The number of employed in SMEs as of January 1, 2017 was 128.1 thousand people, or 99.1% of the corresponding date in 2016.