Regional United Universal Scientific Library named after S.Toraigyrov

The year of opening – 1896.

The biography of the oldest library began in 1892. By the decision of the town’s authority and with merchant Artemy Derov’s donations “a city public library with free reading room” was opened. In 1896 the library got the status – Uyezd (District) library. We take this year as the year of the beginning of our history.

The history of the library contains the history of our country:  life of the district city, World War I, revolution, civil war, collectivization, Great Patriotic War, years of stagnation, restructuring and establishment of independent Kazakhstan.

For many years the regional library has collected local and regional editions. The library fund consists of 5000 books.

The pride of the book fund – unique collections: publication of late XIX – middle XX centuries, Kazakh editions, books about Kazakhstan, reprints and short stories.

Books with inscriptions of the outstanding figures of science, art and literature are of great importance. The autographs collected during the years. They were from Dikhan Abilev, Kalizhan Bekhozhin, Kalmukan Isabayev, Medeu Sarkese, Zhuban Moldagaliyev, Olzhas Suleimenov and others.

The regional library of S.Toraigyrov is one of the dynamically developed regional libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a modern universal center of information and education, scientific and methodical center supporting public libraries of the region and center of advanced training for librarians, place for holding forums, conferences and seminars. The library fund is universal and its essential component is creation of a collection of local documents, formation of the electronic library, work with network resources of remote access and opened archives.

The centers “Zhanashyr”, “Anyktama”, “Tіltanym”, “Sukhbat”, “American corner”, gallery “Aina”, room in  S.Toraigyrov work in the library. Their activities are aimed at improving access to information and expanding a range of the services.

In the library there is free access to the fund. The center “Zhanashyr” and information center “Anyktama” work here for disabled people.

Modern equipment with the latest information technology was purchased for the center “Zhanashyr”, namely portable tactile Braille display, reading machine, printer for blind and visually impaired people, mini-trackball and communicative system to serve readers with impaired hearing. Free computer courses for hearing impaired, visually impaired and blind people are opened here. The center serves invalids and elderly people. They can read books and use Internet. The most popular courses for elderly people are computer ones.

The information center “Anyktama” is opened here as well. The center has a full-text, electronic legal databases “Paragraph”, “Law”, access to the web-site e – Government.

The library has the local network, automated workplaces for users and Wi-Fi zones.

The digitization center is equipped with 2 book scanners ATIZ BookDriveDIY.

The regional library is actively introduced the advanced technology. The use of RFID-technology allows to improve the quality of service of readers. The system allows a person to take and give books back not have the services of a librarian.  In the hall of the library there is a special terminal. When a reader takes a book, he will put it with an electronic library card on the terminal for registration. If a reader wants to give a book back, he should put an electronic library card and the book on the terminal as well.

The regional library has 4 network projects: official site –, literary map of Pavlodar Priirtyshye –, Pavlodar – the industrial heart of Kazakhstan –, “Virtual encyclopedia “Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov” –

All resources are very popular among users.

Director: Zhienbayeva Maya Abdrakhmanovna

Тelephone: 32-08-02, 32-01-65  


Office hours:

Monday-Thursday –11.00-20.00

Friday (day off)

Saturday-Sunday – 10.00-18.00

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