Gold + bronze

Two medal places were taken by the pupils from Pavlodar region in the international Olympiads. 10th former from the Pavlodar lyceum N8 Basov Yaroslav won the bronze medal in XXIV International Olympiad “Tuimaada”, which was held on July 15-22, 2017 in the Small Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha. The 11th grader from the specialized school “Zhas daryn” Mohamed-Ali Amir won the gold medal in the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad, which was held in Rio de Janeiro on July 12-23.

The main purposes of the international competitions were to develop the intellectual potential of pupils and young people, engage them in fundamental sciences and extend the international cooperation.

145 pupils participated in the Olympiad “Tuimaada”. They arrived from Romania, Singapore, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Tatarstan, Moscow, Kaliningrad regions and Novosibirsk. Basov Yaroslav took part in Physics Olympiad and showed excellent knowledge. His teacher – talented teacher from the lyceum № 8 Bilida Anatoly.

The first place of Mohammed-Ali Amir in the International Mathematical Olympiad is the result of his profound knowledge. He is three-time winner of the republican Subject Olympiad. He has the gold medal in XIII International Olympiad named after Zhautikov, silver medal in XVI International Mathematical Olympiad “Zhibek Zholy”. Mohammed-Ali Amir has already become the winner in the 57th International Mathematical Olympiad in 2016 (Hong Kong). This year he has also received the gold medal. His teacher – maths teacher from the specialized school “Zhas daryn” Tekenov Arystan.

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