Koumiss powder from Lebyazhye won 1st place in Hong Kong

“Dry koumiss started producing in Pavlodar region. The technology of powder of the Kazakh national drink has been already tested”, akim of Lebyazhye area Yernur Aitkenov informed.

“The peasant farm “Altai” of Lebyazhye area Pavlodar firm “Fresh Milk” LP purchased equipment for mare’s milk processing into powder. The unique powder from Lebyazhye koumiss is planned to be supplied to the markets of Kazakhstan and abroad. About 20 kg of powder is produced every day.

A large competition among the world entrepreneurs will be held in Hong Kong in September. The koumiss powder was tested and recognized as environmentally friendly products. According to the speaker, Pavlodar medical institutions and recreation centers have already interested in the koumiss powder. It is expected to export the dairy product to other countries.

10/11/2017 87