Let’s play

A full-sized football field was opened in Bayanaul. There was the first exhibition game among young villagers.

The turf of the central stadium of the district center of Bayanaul area has not changed for many years. This year KZ 50 mln have been spent from the budget for these purposes. Around the field there is 400-tartan run track. Akim of Pavlodar region congratulated Bayanaul residents on the opening of the new sports facility.

“This year such facilities were opened in Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Aksu and Terenkol village of Kachiry area. The work on sport development will not stop. We will work at that many people of the region are involved in mass sports”, Bulat Bakauov said.

Rural children received the certificate – KZ 1 mln as a gift. New sports equipment will be purchased for the money.

“Thank you for such wonderful field. I hope that our young people will go in for sports more active, see Kazakhstan and other countries of the world”, the sports veteran Zeynolla Syzdykov noted.

14/11/2017 76