Pavlodar – buzzing and beautiful!

The last Sunday of this summer was ended brightly and loudly with closing of the youth arbat Жаз Star and culmination of the evening – dance festival 14 region global battle.

In the studio Just Fly Crew (Dimitrov st., 2/1) participants registered and went to “battlefield”. About 50 people from different regions of the country submitted applications for participation.

The final part of the festival, which took place in the new embankment, gathered a lot of people who loved the street culture.

There was in for a treat! The competition lasted for an hour and a half. Masters of hip-hop showed “class” in the following categories: hip hop beginners, hip hop pro, house open, popping, breaking, all styles.

In addition, judges of the festival, well-known Toki, Raf Osmansky, Donik and special guest from Almaty – Denis Black Diamond, made a special gift to the audience, showed a small “master class”.

Denis Grishunov, dancer, choreographer, finalist of the republican competition “Bile, Kazakhstan!” came to the festival as the judge:

“I am very glad that I take part in such competitions in your city for the second time. It creates the unique atmosphere in the city. Young people have opportunities for creativity. I am really surprised by the level of today’s participants”, he said.

The other guest of the festival – dancer Sergey Torokhtiy also shared his impressions:

“About six years ago I moved from Ekibastuz to China, city – Xian. When I come to my homeland, first of all, I pay attention to the cultural life of the country and city. Here is a full life”, he noted.

At the end of the evening the winners in each nomination received their awards and applause. Here are the names of the best: Islam Zholdaspek, Adlet Kasen, Nurym Sarsenov, Maxim Khairulin and Nikita Ishchenko.

The festival 14 region global battle will be remembered for residents and guests of the city for a long time. Now everyone knows what the dance Pavlodar is – buzzing and beautiful!

28/08/2017 117