The petrol issue

The situation with fuel and lubricants was discussed in akimat of Pavlodar region. The head of the region Bulat Bakauov charged akims to monitor the availability and cost of petrol in the gas stations.

Akim of the region asked the head of each city and area to report on the fuel reserves. It turned out that in some areas there were only two-day storage of fuel, and in the gas stations – for example, in Aktogay and Kachiry areas – the cost of AI-92 gasoline – 170  KZ for a liter.

“The cost of this petrol has not exceed KZ 160 for a liter”, the head of the region said.

Among other things, the situation with coal was also discussed. Akim of Bayanaul area informed that as of October 10, there were almost 60 trucks for coal loading in Maikobe mine. Therefore, additional excavators were brought to the open-pit.

“Your deputy must be always in the open – pit to avoid the long line of trucks. Make roads and sell coal. I wait for the daily report on the situation in Maikobe and Taldykol mines. Every akim should know how much coal the city or area need today and within the next 15 days bring these volumes to each private trader”, Bulat Bakauov said.

11/10/2017 66