Water and fire

“It is necessary to take the control over the places of swimming and fire dangerous areas on the last days of the summer”, akim of the region said at the enlarged meeting.

 “Yesterday I was in Kachiry area and Terenkol village. On the riverside three children swam without adult supervision, despite the fact that the river flow was very strong”, the head of the region said.

As it turned out, 18 people have been already drowned in Pavlodar region this year. According to the first deputy akim Dyuenbai Turganov, official beaches were not opened in 13 cities and districts. Akim of the region demanded that local heads to tighten control in places of swimming. He also charged to strengthen efforts to prevent the fire hazard situation.

“In the coming week in the region the temperature will be 30 degree above zero. Therefore, we must prevent fires”, B.Bakauov noted.

04/08/2017 125