Wheels of the local production

Pavlodar starts producing aluminium wheels for cars. The general director of the Russian company “K&K” Sergey Kuklin told Bulat Bakauov about his plans to launch the production in the economic zone.

The head of the company visited the territory of SEZ “Pavlodar” and he was offered the preferences. They were better than in Krasnoyarsk, where “K&K” was. One more plus – in the special economic zone there is “Giessenhaus” LP – enterprise producing alloyed aluminum.

“To start our production this year, the head of “Giessenhaus” LP has offered us a part of its area where we could install 6 casting machines. We expect to deliver the equipment within the next two months. In the plans – to produce alloy wheels, drill attaching holes and painting – to produce in Russia. In the future we will expand the production”, he added.

“In SEZ “Pavlodar” there will be the powerful enterprises. We are ready to supply the plats, which are in the economic zone, with raw materials and search marketing outlets for them. Pavlodar region is ready to cooperate with investors and support them as much as possible”, akim of the region Bulat Bakauov noted.

The company “K&K” has been operating for more than 25 years, its capacity is 2 mln wheels per year. The enterprise delivers the products to the automobile plants “VAZ”, “Renault” and others.

09/08/2017 97