Region akim`s reception for the people

Schedule of working with the appeals of physical persons and legal entities

Receipt and registration of applications received from physical persons and legal entities 


All applications, filed in the manner prescribed by the Law “The procedure for consideration of appeals of physical persons and legal entities” (hereinafter – the Law), are received and registered in database ‘Appeals of population” electronic document management system (EDMS), on the day of receipt by the sector for citizens appeals of the documentary maintenance department.

The applicant is issued a voucher of prescribed form indicating the unique number on acceptance of the appeal. 

Appeals with missing signature(including electronic signature), without mailing address of the applicant , where establishing authorship is impossible,are considered as anonymous complaints and they will not be considered, except the appeals which contain information concerning planned or committed crimes or about the threat to national security or public safety. In this case, the sector study the request and report to the head of Department of control and documentation support, and immediately forward it to the authorities in accordance with their competence.

Also, the applications without the essence of the question are not subject to review .

Not subject to the registration appeals of individuals and legal entities admitted on the provision of public services, except for the cases stipulated by subparagraph 3) of paragraph 1 of article 4 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from April 15, 2013 “About the state services”.

The rejection of the appeals reception is prohibited.

The appeal of physical persons and (or) legal entities, which consideration does not require obtaining information from other subjects, officials or place check on, shall be considered within fifteen calendar days.

The appeal of physical persons and (or) legal persons, which consideration requires obtaining information from other subjects, officials or the reviewed site check, shall be considered and taken a decision on it within thirty calendar days from the date of receipt by the officials.

In cases when conduction the additional investigation or review is necessary, the review period may be extended for not more than thirty calendar days, and it should be reported to the applicant within three calendar days after the period extension.

If the issues outlined in the appeal require a long period of time, the appeal will be put in additional control until his final performance, and it should be reported to the applicant within three calendar days.

In case, the appeal has several issues and these matters are not within the competence of the officials, the appeal is recorded and resolved, in accordance to the terms established by article 8 of the Law.

At the same time, for consideration the issues when resolution is not within the competence, a copy of the appeal is sent to other authorities in accordance with paragraph 6 of article 7 of the Law, with mandatory notification of the applicant.

This appeal is registered as considered and forwarded to another authority. 


Personal reception of physical persons and representatives of legal entities 

The Akim, Deputy Akim and chief of akim’s office, including employees of structural subdivisions of the akim’s office, carried out a personal reception of citizens and representatives of legal persons, at least once a month, according to the approved schedule.

Reception is carried out in arranged days, hours and place and it should be brought to the attention of individuals and legal persons,.

Schedule of personal reception is posted on the information wall in the lobby of reception -room and on the website of the akim of the region.

The registration for the personal reception should be done in advance.                                


Schedule of citizens reception:

Address of reception room: Pavlodar city, 49 Ac.Satpayev street, room № 110.

Reception of citizens is working according to the approved schedule (week days from 9 to 18.30. Contact numbers: 66-39-96, 65-10-50.