Submission of addresses on the portal «e-government»

The start of new mobile application

The new mobile application of the Electronic government is accessible for citizens of Kazakhstan. Now it is possible to receive more than 50 electronic services through the mobile phone.

The mobile application is intended for providing the population of Kazakhstan with the most popular services of a portal of the electronic government within walking distance. The appendix is available to smartphones on the Android and iOS operating systems.

As the chief of the department of electronic services control of Committee of communication, informatization and information WORLD of RK, Daulet Bekmanov reported “there are 50 services in the new appendix, and also “a mobile private office” where the citizen will be able to look through the personal information which is stored in the state databases. By the end of the current year we plan to transfer to a mobile format of 20 more new services”.

We will note, in “a mobile private office” is available for  information on location of the citizen, the address of a registration and accommodation, participation in legal entities, data on a marriage, existence of penalties for violation of traffic regulations, information about available real estate/transport, etc..

The citizen will be able to receive the address reference, information on accessory of the land plot, the certificate of the birth, a marriage, of absence or existence of real estate in the presence of a digital signature on phone etc.

“The new application is developed within the Mobile Government project. The appendix will allow to reach qualitatively new level of efficiency and convenience of receiving services of government bodies. By means of the appendix you will find all data on yourself, you will order the necessary reference, and also receive PUSH or SMS notices in case of need replacements of any document” – the chairman of the board of JSC”National informative technologies”,  Ruslan Ensebayev told.

Also new appendix will allow how to use such services, as: number viewing of housing queue and periods of passing validity of checkup, verification of licenses and checks, queue booking in TsON, and also search of drugstores. Besides, users can pay utilities, taxes, penalties, the state duties, communication services by means of the appendix, and also to recharge in Zhilstroysberbank.

We will remind, a transfer of services in a mobile format is made within the state program approved by the President “Informative Kazakhstan – 2020”.

With help of the service “e-addresses” on the portal “e-government” you have the opportunity to write and send an address to the government agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Thus, you get the guarantee of delivery of the address and receive the answer to the question in the personal account on the portal “e-government”.