Information Statement

Government for Citizens, State Corporation informs about the increase in the number of citizens applying to specialized PSCs for the replacement of driving permits.

We remind you that the exchange of the driver’s license can be made at any time convenient for citizens through the e-government portal. This way of replacing the document will save time for citizens and eliminate the need for idle time in the queue.

The mechanism for obtaining this service online is simple. It is necessary to visit the portal, fill out an application and sign it with your EDS. A photograph and a scan with a signature are attached to the application. After receiving a notification in the private office about the readiness of the document (when registering in the base of mobile citizens, the notification will be sent in the form of an SMS message), it is necessary to go to the special centre to receive the already completed driving license.

In the department of special PSC, you need to show a driving license for an exchange, an identity document, as well as an electronic check on payment of state duty and an application. The cost of the state duty for the driver’s license remains the same – 1,25 MCI, that is, 3 006, 25 tenge.

If you change the DL after the expiration date, you need bills of health from a psychiatric and drug dispensary, as well as the 083-form medical certificate.

The service of online driver’s license replacement has been used by more than 1.6 thousand people since the beginning of this year.

Video – instructions for replacing the driver’s license through the e-government portal

Now It Is Possible to Register a Car and Replace Driver’s License in Rural PSCs

For the sake of convenience of rural residents, the staff of the registration and examination departments of the administrative police are located in the district departments PSCs. In the pilot mode, they accept documents for registration of transport and replacement of driving licenses. The first to assess the advantages of the new system are the residents of the Osakarovsk District of Karaganda Oblast and Tayinshy District of the North Kazakhstan Oblast.

The deployment of police officers of the Registration Examination Units of Administrative Police of RK MIA  in the district departments of PSC is carried out by the decision of an interdepartmental committee chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Askar Zhumagaliyev. Such a recommendation was made by a special monitoring group Civil Service and Anti-Corruption Affairs Agency subsequent to the results of visits to district Registration Examination Units. Soon, 21 more front offices of “Government for Citizens” state corporation  in 9 regions will be involved in this project.

The innovation will greatly facilitate the replacement of driver’s licenses and registration of vehicles for auto enthusiasts. They no longer have to go to the special PSC in the Oblast Centre or contact the police directly. However, the project does not apply to the initial issuance of driving permits.

The department of the PSC No. 1 of the Osakarovsk district is located in the village of Osakarovka at the address: 12, Pristantsionnaya St., department of Taiynshy district – in Tayinsha at the address: 208, Constitution of Kazakhstan St.

It bears reminding that since 2012 in Kazakhstan there are specialized PSCs providing citizens with public services for the issuance of driving permits and registration of vehicles on the principle of a single window. For  today, there are 14 special centers and 3 sectors in the country. Until the end of this year, it is planned to open special centers in Atyrau and West Kazakhstan Oblasts.

For reference:

Front offices of “Government for Citizens” state corporation, where the deployment of employees of the DRE is planned

Department of PSC No. 1 in the Tselinograd district of  Akmola Oblast;
Department of PSC of Zharkain district of  Akmola Oblast;
Department of PCS of Esil district of Akmola Oblast;
Department of PCS of Atbasar district of Akmola Oblast;
Department ofPCS of Akkol district of Akmola Oblast;
Department of PSC of Stepnogorsk, Akmola Oblast;
Department of PSC of Enbekshikazakh district of Almaty Oblast;
Department of PCS of Talas district of Zhambyl Oblast;
Department of PCS of Sarysu district of Zhambyl Oblast;
Department of CSC of Aksu, Pavlodar Oblast;
Department of PCS of the Burlinsky district of the West Kazakhstan Oblast;
Department of PCS of the Kaztal district of the West Kazakhstan Oblast;
Department of PCS of the Zharma district of the East Kazakhstan Oblast;
Department of PCS of the Zhylyoi district of Atyrau Oblast;
Department of PCS  of Kazaly district of Kyzylorda Oblast;
Department of PCS  of Zhalagash district of Kyzylorda Oblast;
Department of PCS of  Aral district of Kyzylorda Oblast;
Department of PCS  of Zhanakorgan district of Kyzylorda Oblast;
Department of PSC of Karmakshy district of Kyzylorda Oblast;
Department of PCS  of Shieli district of Kyzylorda Oblast;
Department of PSC of Sayram district of the South-Kazakhstan Oblast (service for issuing Driving licences);
Department of PSC of Turkestan of the South-Kazakhstan Oblast;
Department of PSC No. 1 of Osakarovsk district, Karaganda Oblast.

Kazakhstan Citizens Need Twenty Minutes to Get Residency Registration Online

In Kazakhstan, the online procedure of residency registration on the e-government portal was changed. Citizens need a little more than 20 minutes to get a residence permit. In addition, due to changes in the tax code of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January this year, it is no longer necessary to pay the state duty for registration.

It bears reminding that earlier when registering on the e-government portal, it was necessary to pay a state fee of 10% of the MCI, and then to visit the front office of Government for Citizens, state-owned company, where the migration service officer recorded data on the registration of the identity card on the chip.

Since March of this year, the registration procedure for the place of residence on the portal has been greatly simplified. Now, after the authorization to of the owner of the real estate and the citizen who wants to register, they submit an application, which the owner confirms with the help of his electronic digital signature. Processing of the submitted application takes about 10 minutes, after which you can order the address help with new registration data. The service is fully automated and is available online in all regions of Kazakhstan if there is an EDS.

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