Passed training on time management for preschool teachers

In the framework of the program “Rouhani gear” 6 June 2019 in the center “Ana tili” was organized a training on time management for preschool teachers.

The training, organized to strengthen the role of education in the spirit of Kazakhstan patriotism, to ensure the continuity of training and education, for the second year in a row was attended by teachers and Methodists of kindergartens of Pavlodar.

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Regional retreat in May area

On may 22, 2019, the Department for the development of languages of Pavlodar region for clerks, translators and specialists of the Kazakh language held a regional seminar in the May district.

The plenary part of the event discussed the issues of teaching the Kazakh alphabet on the basis of the Latin script, the implementation of the state language policy and the main directions of teachers ‘ work for the implementation of the requirements of the standard and the standard program for teaching the Kazakh language.

The practical part of the seminar was attended by Professor of Pavlodar state pedagogical University, doctor of Philology Sagyndykuly B. and the author of textbooks and teaching AIDS in the Kazakh language Kinzhikova sh. D. During the lectures, effective methods of introduction of the Latin alphabet were noted, the issues of terminology and use of terms in official documents, the use of spelling and punctuation rules in the implementation of translation were touched upon.

Completed training courses for “Kun Saulesi” project

Within the framework of “Rukhani Zhangyru” program, certificates were handed to the students of the Kazakh language courses on the project “Kun Saulesi”, organized by the Languages Development Department of the Oblast. At special Kazakh language courses that lasted two months, blind and visually impaired citizens studied Kazakh language, culture, and national traditions on special teaching aids based on the Braille system. In the classroom relief-graphic (for the blind) and flat-print (for the visually impaired) optical devices, lexical minima and speech patterns for a certain subject in various situations with playback on audio recording devices were used.

Within the framework of this project, in order to increase the level of the formation of language communicative competence, new forms of teaching were applied in each lesson. At the end of the course, the students were awarded certificates.

Languages Development Department of the Oblast

The courses on “We study with the whole family”, “Otbasymen birge ush tildi uireneyik” project of the language brunch

On July 31, certificates were handed to students of courses on “We study with the whole family”, “Otbasymen birge ush tildi uireneyik” project of the family language Sunday brunch, organized by the Department for the Development of Languages in the framework of “Rukhani zhangyru” program. Studying three languages, through immersion in the language environment, listeners became acquainted with the history, way of life and spiritual values of the Kazakh people. During the lessons, the those who learned for four months, replenished their vocabulary with the acquisition of linguistic and communication skills in a relaxed atmosphere, got acquainted with national customs and traditions, Kazakh national cuisine, rites of celebrations and mass events. Within the framework of this project, 30 people were trained.


Department for the Languages Development of the Oblast

Қоғамдық көліктегі сапалы қызмет көрсету

2018 жылдың 27 шілдесінде Павлодар облысының тілдерді дамыту басқармасы мен ішкі саясат басқармасының бастамасымен Павлоар қаласының трамвай басқармасы, автопарк, тұрғын үй-коммуналдық шаруашылығы және жолаушылар көлігі қызметкерлерімен семинар өткізілді.

Семинар барысында “Қазақстан Республикасының тілдер туралы” ҚР заңының талаптарын сақтау, қоғамдық көліктегі визуалды ақпаратты дұрыс жеткізу, қоғамдық қатынастағы мемлекеттік тіл деңгейін арттыру, мемлекеттік тілде сапалы қызмет көрсету мәселелері көтерілді. Әдістемелік көмек ретінде семинар қатысушаларына сөздіктер таратылды.

Павлодар облысының 

Тілдерді дамыту басқармасы

Oblast Competition “Til – Parasat” Took Place in Pavlodar

Within the framework of the implementation of the policy essay “Looking Forward: “Future Outlook: the Modernization of Public Consciousness” on June 15, 2018, Pavlodar Oblast Department for Development of Languages held the Oblast contest of masters за Kazakh “Til – Parasat” among the youths of ethnic groups.

This contest was held in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Pavlodar Oblast and the 20th anniversary of Astana.

The contest is aimed to extend the sphere of state language application, develop the linguistic culture and induce the knowledge of Kazakh.

At the contest, the participants delivered an oral presentation on the suggested topic, wrote an essay and did the creative task (hometask).

Based on the results of the contest I place was awarded to Marina Kharchuk, the II place – to Violetta Buranbayeva, the students of Pavlodar College of Transport and Communications. Berta Debreczeni, the student if Aksu College named after Zhayau Musa.

All the participants were awarded diplomas, letters of thanks and valuable prizes. Marina Kharchuk will defend the honour of Oblast at the Republican Contest.


Pavlodar Oblast Department for Development of Languages

“Bala Tili – Bal” Campaign

The International Children’s Day is a holiday of caring for children. It is also an opportunity for adults to loudly announce their desire and ability to do something good for children.

On June 1, 2018, in honor of the celebration of the International Children’s Day, the staff of the Oblast Development Department visited the children’s village of a family type and the shelter for children of the city of Pavlodar.

The Head of the Department S. Osmanov congratulated the children on the holiday, wishing them good health, prosperity, happiness, giving them holiday gifts and sweets.

At the end of the event, the administration and staff of the orphanages expressed their gratitude to all guests for the visit, noting that each visit pleases children, gives them the warmth and comfort of a family home.

In subsequent years this event will become a good tradition for the Department .

Day of Slavic Writing and Culture

On May 24, 2018, within the framework of the implementation of the program article of the Head of State “Future Outlook: the Modernization of Public Consciousness”, Oblast Language Development Department hosted a day of Slavic writing and culture in the coworking centre of the central library named after P.Vasilyev.

The main goal of the event is the unification of representatives of Slavic ethnic groups, the strengthening of relations among the Slavic peoples in the spiritual and cultural spheres.

The Head of the Oblast Department for Development of Languages S. Osmanova gave a welcoming speech. She noted that this holiday is especially significant, as it is carried out within the framework of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” events, she told about the friendly relationship between the Slavic and Turkic cultures, and stressed that the cultural space of the countries forming the Eurasian Union is becoming more united, and serves to strengthen the political stability, consolidation of the entire Kazakh society.

Within the framework of the day of Slavic writing and culture, more than 80 events (roundtables, quizzes, exhibitions, concert programs) were held in cities and districts of the Oblast.

A thematic exhibition “Culture of the Ancient Slavs” and a book exhibition “The Legacy of Eternity” dedicated to the creators of the Slavic script Cyril and Methodius were organized for the guests of the event.

Pavlodar Oblast Department for Development of Languages