The party «Nur Otan»

Main results and long-term objectives in the priority directions

First. The main priority in the work of party men – effective implementation of the election platform of the Party “Kazakhstan. Goals 2017. National Plan of Action”

Work of the regional party organization is built in accordance with the election platform. All activities of the election program are written in the program of region development, strategic plans of local executive agencies and three-year budget of the region.

The regional branch carries out systematic work on monitoring and control of the implementation of program documents of the Party in the region.

12 deputies of the regional maslikhat, headed the expert groups, control over the implementation of the main directions of the platform of the Party. The expert groups consist of deputies, heads of executive agencies, non-governmental organizations and representatives of creative and scientific intelligentsia.

Work in the territorial branches of the Party is built in the same way.

148 expert groups (1036 people), including 96 representatives of non-governmental organizations of the region control the election platform of the Party.

The monitoring shows that the region has reached positive results in 49 of 70 indicators of the election platform. For example, coverage of children with preschool education.

Note: According to the plan it should be 64.8% in 2014. Nowadays, coverage of children at the age of 1-6 with preschool education amounts to 69.8%, 3-6 years – 100%.

Two new schools are built. “Nazarbayev Intellectual School” has been opened. Conditions for inclusive education are created in 34.4% of schools, 84% of schools are connected to Internet.  

Lifetime increased to 70.19 years, a death rate  reduced by 0.9% and made up 9.9% and maternal mortality – by 15.4%, child mortality – by 8.7 %%. 

17 new health facilities were built in Pavlodar region.

The number of people, going in for sports in the region, makes up 194.9 th people or 27.5% of the population (plan by 2017 – 26%).

All our results demonstrate the success of socio-economic policy of the Party.

 In the conditions of the current global crisis there is reorientation of the economic policy: to be proactive, taking into account seven priorities, said in the Address.

Changes are made to the plans of implementation of the directions of the election platform, including development of social and housing infrastructure, support of small and medium-sized business.

The Kazakh President gave concrete tasks to the Party – to take active part in work and control the implementation of the Address.

Second. Ideological work

A purposive approach has been introduced in work of the Party for effective implementation of the election platform.

 The main emphasis is placed on a voter, his interests and problems. The work of the Party is focused on execution of 12 party projects, aimed at specific indicators and system solution of the problems of different target groups: veterans, invalids, youth, children, maternity and business.

The ideology of party work is built around the Doctrine of the Party. It contains such key values as “unity and harmony”, “family and traditions”, “rule of law” and etc. These simple and understandable for all concepts are the basis of all party projects.

The implementation of the party projects – a basis of the party work. The main resource in their implementation – our primary Party organizations.

Today we can speak of concrete results of the work.

900 disabled people were employed in the region in 2014 within the program “Future without barriers” (318 of them had permanent job).

251 invalid’s addresses were taken under the control in 2014.

Creation of the barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities and development of inclusive education are also under the control.

The republican public and party monitoring of adapted facilities and inclusive schools was held in October and November, 2014. Working commissions of the regional branch inspected 54 facilities and gave recommendations.

Primary party organizations, members of YM “Zhas Otan”, representatives of the government agencies and Councils of veterans visited 305 war veterans and saw their living conditions.  

25 war veteran’s problems were solved by October 1, 2014.

The project consists of the activities, aimed at socializing veterans and elderly people: more than 350 visits to cultural institutions, more than 1000 people are covered with computer courses.

The branches of the Party have carried out the work on systematization of the information of 40 Pavlodar Heroes of the Soviet Union and Full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory.

On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, there will be the important activities, aimed at strengthening of social solidarity, traditions, immortalizing the deeds of our fathers and grandfathers in the Great Patriotic War. It is necessary to give a new impetus to military and patriotic work.

The project “Happy childhood” is actively implemented in the region. It directs to creation of favorable conditions for social adaptation of children – orphans and children, left without parental care. The experience of the Aksu Ferroalloy Plant was considered in the meeting of the regional expert group. The plant took orphans under patronage. The experience was recommended for use in the region.

The party projects are based on the priorities of the “Strategy 2050” and made by the results of the analysis of the problems of social groups.

The regional party organization held 2267 activities last year (with involvement of 277 167 people).

The work of party men is wildly covered in the media.

Third. One of the main priorities of work is support of population

The Party “Nur Otan” should bring the authority and population together and will be an independent source of the objective information about a real situation in places, urgent problems of citizens and work of the government agencies. Today the party has become the mechanism, with help of which the authority receive citizen’s wishes.

Public offices and personal receptions of the heads of the government agencies and maslikhat deputies play a big role in this work.

Today citizens can send a letter to the party using the portal and Call-center. Each letter (address) is under a strict control.

The public offices of the regional branch received 4533 addresses for 10 months of 2014 (4362 ones for the analogous period of 2013, 3343 – in 2012). 3762 addresses (83%) were considered positively in accordance with the legislation.

Representatives of the government agencies held 915 receptions, got 1483 addresses (for 10 months of 2013 – 278 receptions held, 659 addresses received, for 10 months of 2012 – 169 receptions held, 423 addresses received). 91% of them were considered positively according to the legislation.

Majilis deputies of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, deputies of the regional, city and district maslikhats work actively in public offices of the branches of the Party. 1098 receptions of citizens were held. 1584 people were admitted to the Party (for 10 months of 2013 – 579 receptions held, 969 people admitted, for 10 months of 2012 – 556 receptions held, 966 people admitted). 1457 addresses (92%) were positively considered.

“Justice advises”, “Office on the road”, “A week for family support” are also held for people.

Fourth. Anti-corruption

On November 11, 2014 speaking at an enlarged meeting of the Political Council of the Party the Head of the State has emphasized that the effective anti-corruption strategy is a matter of principle of “Nur Otan” leadership in the implementation of the Strategy “Kazakhstan -2050”.

Corruption threatens the fundamental values of our country – Independence.

Corruption undermines the principles of the society and state, laying false targets in citizen’s mind.

Discussion of the project of the anti-corruption program for 2015-2025 in the meetings of the Political Councils showed an interest of our people in necessity to accept the document. 120 proposals and amendments were made to the project of the Program.

On November 11,2014 the Program was adopted and today “Nur Otan” has to be the vanguard of the large-scale work on formation of anti-corruption culture in our society.

It is impossible to have an intended effect without public participation. All population groups should take part in this process.

It is important to root out corruption in public consciousness.

Nowadays, measures for improvement of party discipline have been taken. Primary party organizations take a prominent role in this work. 37 members of the Party were brought to party responsibility for the reporting period.

The President noted that implementation of the election platform of the Party “Nur Otan” was impossible without active fight corruption.

Strengthening of party and public control over work of the government agencies will give an opportunity to reduce prerequisites for corruption.

187 meetings of the Party Control Commission and Public Anti-Corruption Councils were held for the reporting period (including 94 joint meetings, which considered the issues of inner-party discipline, prevention and control of corruption, implementation of the directions of the election platform of the Party and state programs).

The Party Control Commission, Public Anti-Corruption Councils and expert groups monitor the implementation of the election platform of the Party.

Commissions have been created at party factions within execution of the program “Nurly zhol”. They control of the targeted and effective use of budget funds in the following directions:

  1. “Development of social infrastructure”
  2. “Modernization of infrastructure of the public utilities sector, water and heat supply”
  3. “Development of the industrial and energy infrastructure, support of small and medium business and business activity”
  4. “Development of transport and logistics infrastructure”

Fifth. Work with young people

It is one of the priorities of party work. Speaking at II Congress of YM “Zhas Otan” the Head of the State has emphasized that the youth movement “Zhas Otan” is the main political coordinator of Kazakh youth in the process of modernization of the country.

The Pavlodar branch YM “Zhas Otan” is the largest youth organization in the region, which unites more than 10000 young people at the age of 29.

Among them there are representatives of working and rural youth, entrepreneurs and specialists, students of universities and colleges.

“Zhas Otan” has 14 branches and 152 primary centres, including 9 – in the large enterprises of the region.

In order to form new Kazakhstan patriotism and propaganda, said in the Doctrine of the Party, the youth projects “Youth for the Motherland”, “Youth personnel reserve” are implemented in the region.

The important direction in work with young people is development of youth entrepreneurship.

Nowadays, dialogue platforms are created by members of the party “Zhas Otan” in all social networks. They discuss young people’s problems, projects, news of youth policy and work of YM “Zhas Otan”.

Our primary task – further improvement of work with youth.

Party members follow the President’s order, given in the enlarged meeting of the Political Council of the Party: “Party work gives only one privilege – to work harder and better than others.  Nowadays, the Party “Nur Otan” has the important tasks. The Party must mobilize all forces to carry out them”.

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