Tourism potential of Pavlodar region

Pavlodar region is located in the north east of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the bank of the Irtysh River, the largest river in Kazakhstan. It is founded in January,1938. The regional center is Pavlodar city.

In the north Pavlodar region borders on Omsk, in the north east –Novosibirsk, in the east –Altai Krai of the Russian Federation, in the south – East Kazakhstan and Karaganda regions, in the west – Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The sights of the region are natural attractions, historical and architectural monuments and religious buildings. There are many archaeological sites (burial grounds, settlements, mounds of different periods).

Natural, cultural, historical resources and good geographical location of Pavlodar region give potential opportunities for the development of environmental, health, youth, pilgrimage and river tourism.

159 travel agencies and 5 tour operators are officially registered in Pavlodar region.

“Pavlodar Airport” JSC works in the city. Nowadays, it cooperates with «Air Astana», “Siberia” JSC, FSUE “STC “Russia” (in summer), “NAL “Belavia” (in summer), “Irtysh Air” JSC. People fly to Astana, Almaty, Moscow, seasonal flights: Pavlodar – Antalya, Pavlodar – Minsk, Pavlodar – St.Petersburg.

Total length of navigable waterway makes up 1719.5 km, including 603 km in Pavlodar region from Maitubek village (border on EKR) to Klin village (border on Russia). The main cargo company is “Pavlodar river port” JSC, which transports to 6.0 mln tons of cargo per year.

Pavlodar branch “NC “KTZh” JSC renders railway services to people.

All cities and districts have bus stations.

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Pilgrimage tourism

Mausoleum of Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyev

Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyev (1858-1931) – folklorist, poet, historian, chronicler, public figure, philosopher. He dedicated his life to collecting the folk heritage of the Kazakh people, studying the history of mankind, classical poetry of East and West.

The mausoleum of Mashkhur Zhusup is located in Eskeldy village, 18 km to the north-west from Zhanazhol aul.


Mausoleum of Isabek Ishan Khazret

The mausoleum complex of Isabek Ishan Khazret is situated in the Kyldykol hole of Ekibastuz area. He is the descendant of the first missionaries of Islam, philosopher, educator and mentor of Mashkhur Zhusup. The architectural ensemble consists of two mausoleums and a mosque, built of white stone, as well as a house for pilgrims.

Mausoleum of Gabdyluakhit Khazret

The mausoleum of Gabdyluakhit Khazret is constructed in Chalday forest, near Arbigen village of Shcherbakty area. Annually hundreds of pilgrims come to the sacred site, grave of the spiritual educator, religious figure Gabdyluakhit Khazret (1853-1926).

Mausoleum of Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov

The mausoleum of Sultanmakhmut Toraigyrov, outstanding Kazakh poet-democrat, is located 3 km to the east from Toraigyr village, 300 meters to the north-east of the Lake of Toraigyr. The mausoleum is built over the grave of the poet in 1993, to his 100-th anniversary.

Konyr aulie cave

The Konyr aulie cave is a sacred place for pilgrimage. The reason of such worship is a stone pot, which has always water on the bottom. This water treats all diseases, even infertility. At all times, women came to the cave to spend the night, they believed that they could give birth after that. It was true. The total length of the cave is about 30 meters, it consists of two chambers.



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