About the Forthcoming National Population Census In 2019

During the years of independence, the census in Kazakhstan was conducted twice: in 1999 and in 2009.

National censuses are conducted at least once every ten years in time for the next round of world censuses. The National Population Census of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be held in October-November 2019.

The population census is a collection of information about individuals who are on a certain date in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to generate official statistical information on demographic, economic and social processes and it is conducted throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The purpose of the census is to satisfy the information needs of users in statistical data on demographic, social and economic issues at the regional, national and international levels.

The task of the census is to collect, process and disseminate information about specific characteristics of the population at a certain point in time.

Census data are used by government agencies to develop forecasts and programs for socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as other users.

The population census will be conducted by two methods: self-filling in online mode through the specially created SANAQ-2019 website and interviewing by specially trained interviewers through tablets. In both methods, a respondent has the opportunity to answer for himself and all members of the household on the questions of the questionnaires. The Internet survey will start from the beginning of the census and will continue for 10 days.

The registration of a respondent is planned to be carried out through the input of the IIN, ID card number, mobile phone number, code and confirmation password. After entering the phone number, the respondent will receive an SMS with a confirmation code for the specified mobile phone number.

  • The system is available 24 hours a day.
  • Possibility to interrupt the filling of the form and continue at a convenient time for the respondent.
  • A respondent decides when to take part in the study, and this improves the quality of the answers.

Next, there will be a continuous bypass of households interviewers with tablets and data collection in online and offline modes, including those that have passed the Internet survey. When a respondent provides a notification, the verification and clarification are made whether all residents (permanently or temporarily, as well as other citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan) have been interviewed.

If the respondents have not passed the census online, then the interviewer must take a census of them. To exclude duplication of information and update information databases, an individual identification number (IIN) is included in the census form.

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