Thanksgiving Day started celebrating in Pavlodar region

A concert of the ethnic and cultural associations was held in Pavlodar “House of Friendship” on the eve of March 1. The head of the region Abylkair Skakov congratulated people of Pavlodar region on the holiday.

Representatives of all ethnic and cultural associations, working in Pavlodar region, came to the solemn meeting. The head of the region recalled that Kazakhstan is a large multinational family, which has lived under one shanyrak for many years.

“During the years of migration people from different countries were deported to Kazakhstan.  There they were warmly welcomed and got the roof over the head. Kazakhstan became a new home for millions and Kazakh people – closed people who had given a helping hand in difficult times. On Thanksgiving we pay the tribute to the memory of the ancestors and clearly demonstrate it to the younger generation – prosperity can be only with peace and unity”, Abylkair Skakov said.

The chairman of the Karachay-Circassian and Kabardino-Balkarian cultural center “Elbrus” Maria Bairamkulova recalled a story from her life. In 1944 many Karachai and Balkar people were deported to Kazakhstan and Kazakh people met them there.

“Many Kazakhs took one or two families. Other people sent to bunk houses and good people brought them milk and baursaks. We express gratitude to the Kazakh people for help, which they have given us in those years”, Maria Bairamkulova told.

The concert was organized by the ethnic and cultural associations. The song of Abay Kunanbayev «Көзімнің қарасы» sung by the choir “House of Friendship” elicited applause from the audience. Polina Petrova from the Slavic ethnic and cultural center sang the song «Бұл-бұл» from the repertoire of Bibigul Tulegenova. 

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