We have to control the situation and be ready for any result – Abylkair Skakov about coronavirus

The head of the region Abylkair Skakov held a meeting and discussed the readiness of medical and other services for coronavirus infection in the region.

“Today 544 Pavlodar doctors have been trained for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 virus. 945 beds have been prepared in case of detection of infection in the region. 480 beds are prepared for the quarantine center, designed for people arriving from the countries with high morbidity and mortality from coronavirus.

All patients will be taken and examined in our three cities. In suspected case in a village, a patient will be sent to the city.

All medical workers are fully provided with personal protective equipment and medical supplies”, deputy akim of the region Askhat Oralov said.

“In Pavlodar region there is a strong medical network and trained doctors, so we need to monitor the situation and be prepared for any result. There is no crisis, but the preparatory work is very important. In the case of coronavirus infection, there should not be any separation of powers between doctors, epidemiologists, heads and other services. The most important thing for us is the health of the population”, the head of the region Abylkair Skakov said.

The quarantine for visitors was introduced in five medical and social institutions (MSI) of the region. Three more MSIs receive patients only in the daytime. In addition, all cultural events were canceled in the region including in the theaters and cinemas. As for sports events, they will be organized without spectators.

As of March 13, four cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Kazakhstan.

13/03/2020 2,506