200 thousand passengers a year

The Pavlodar airport plans to open new airline routes. Today, the region is waiting for the consent of the airline companies

The Pavlodar airport has shipped more than 300 thousand tons of cargo and mail for 11 months of this year. The number of passengers, put on planes during that time, exceeded 200000 people. Today, our airport has the status of international one. The last time the airport underwent certification, valid for three years, in 2018.

“We have great experience in air travel services. Therefore, safety and comfort of passengers is very important for us. The airport started working in 1973 and since that time our team had never played false with passengers. Every year we serve about 1000 sorties and put more than 200 passengers per hour on planes”, deputy chairman of JSC “Pavlodar Airport” Dinara Musalimova says.

The Pavlodar airport has two internal regular flights to Nur-Sultan and Almaty cities and also international ones to Turkey, Moscow, Minsk and Novosibirsk. The director of the Pavlodar airport plans to open new airline routes. Negotiations are currently under way. They say, in order to increase the capacity of the airport it is necessary to make major repair of it.

“The area of ​​the airport is 235 hectares and the airport terminal is about 3.2 th.m2. The airport had been overhauled in 2006 and 2016 for the last time,” Dinara Musalimova noted.

It will be remembered that in September 2019 the airport was transferred into communal property of akimat of Pavlodar region.

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