A new ice arena in Pavlodar will open before the end of 2019

Construction of the ice rolling arena, which will be able to engage up to 50 people per shift, is carried out within the framework of the project “Sport city”. Also next to it has already begun to build a football and indoor track and field arena, as well as the Olympic reserve training center.

According to the chief specialist of the Department of physical culture, tourism and sports of Pavlodar region Ainur Kospakov, both professional athletes and fans of speed skating will be able to engage in the ice arena. The construction of the sports facility is engaged in LLP “TOIR”. To date, the contractor has already performed 80% of construction and installation works.

– Today the building where the ice arena will be located is completely constructed, finishing works are coming to an end, – the Deputy Director of the contract organization Alimzhan Ismailov told. – Natural ice will be used in the ice arena. Ice-forming equipment is already being installed.



As for the construction of a football arena, the total cost of this project is almost 1.5 billion tenge. Of these, more than one billion tenge will be invested in the construction of the facility, the remaining money will be purchased equipment: stands, artificial turf and more. Taraz Qurylys Invest LLP is engaged in construction of a football arena. To date, the construction company is working on the development of the pit arena, a bundle of the Foundation grid and pouring the Foundation blocks.


According to the General plan for the construction of sports facilities, a training ground for the disabled, a velodrome, volleyball and basketball courts will be built on the territory of Sport city.




Press service of the akim of Pavlodar region


Photo By Valery Bugaev


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