Coal is now recommended to residents of Pavlodar region

The cost of coal at coal mines per ton varies from 2 to 7 thousand tenge. Rises in prices for black gold are not promised.

As the regional department of energy and housing and communal services assured, the need for solid fuel for the heating season 2019-2020 for the population is about 430 thousand tons. The population of the region has more than 58 thousand tons of coal reserves, which is about 13.4% of the total demand.

“The retail price of coal per ton, taking into account delivery, is from 6,800 to 16,500 tenge,” said the head of the public utilities department Amangeldy Rustemov. – If you compare September 2018, it can be noted that there is no activity among the population. Last year, residents began to purchase in August, which radically changed the situation with the queues. Therefore, in order to avoid queues, we remind citizens to timely purchase coal.

To date, the cost of coal is from 4800 to 12000 tenge per ton, and the cost of one ton of brown coal to a resident will cost from 10,500 tenge to 16,500 tenge. By the way, the bulk of the population purchases coal from coal mining enterprises of Maikuben West LLP, Bogatyr Komir LLP and Karazhyra LTD LLP. And in the retail market, more than 300 individual entrepreneurs, who also purchase coal in the wholesale market, deliver coal to the population.

“The population has the opportunity to purchase coal from official points in cities and regions,” said Amangeldy Rustemov. – For example, in the city of Pavlodar, the fuel base of LLP is located in Vostochny Industrial District, 842a, and A-West Pavlodar LLP is located on Tovarnaya Street 25.

In general, there is no shortage of coal in the region; coal is commercially available.

Press service of akim of Pavlodar region


13/09/2019 144