About Plans at the Local Level

Bulat Bakauov heard the plans for development of Akims Aksu, Uspenka and Shcherbakty districts for 2019.

Aksu Akim Balgabay Ibraev told the Head of Oblast that in 2019 a construction of nine-storey building is planned at 32 Molodezhnaya St. “Work is in hand; today, the 4th floor has already been closed,” – said the Akim. – “In Kalkaman village, reconstruction of two four-storey houses is planned. Financing of about 394 million tenge is planned for both houses. There is a winner of the competition – Eco Montazh Service, LLP. Savings after public procurement amounted to approximately 50 million from each house.

Also in Aksu, they will start building a dormitory at the ferrous metallurgy college with 200 seats. Its project cost is 718 million tenge. In addition, as part of the development of the IHC micro-district, the construction of 380 houses is planned, and in 2019, they plan to commission 72 houses with an area of ​​about 10 thousand squares. It is assumed that investment in individual housing construction will amount to 1 billion tenge.

Meanwhile, in Uspenska district Galitskoe, LLP plans to open dairy farms for a thousand head of cattle. In addition, the company will begin irrigating a land plot of 347 hectares for amount over 400 million tenge. For 80 million tenge, it is planned to irrigate 80 hectares and on the farm “Shtrek”, which has already purchased the equipment, prepared the land and has free access to a water source. The livestock complex for 150 heads plans to put into operation Aul, SIC, and the cost of the project is 38 million tenge. To date, the enterprise is acquiring imported cattle breeds hereford for 87.5 million tenge, forming an application through the Sybaga program.

Despite reports of the Akims, the Head of Oblast said that it would be necessary to realize more new projects at the local level and produce new entrepreneurs.

“We need to develop the SIC institute,” – emphasized Bulat Bakauov. – “In the same Uspenka district with a population of only 12 thousand people we cannot refer to the lack of land, as if it is a developed area already and there no more place for development. The same situation is in the Shcherbakty district, which has always been considered one of the strong areas, although real projects are almost invisible.

At the end of the meeting, the Head of Oblast drew the attention of all those present to the fact that the next meeting should take place with the participation of entrepreneurs implementing the above projects. Before that, in the districts and cities they should work out all the issues in their field with sectorial departments.


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