Abylkair Skakov: snow has to be removed together

The issue of snow removal was one of the main priorities in the meeting, held by akim of Pavlodar region with the heads of the regional departments and areas. According to the meteorologists, in January there was more snow than normal. Abylkair Skakov requested to step up the work on snow shoveling in the region, in particular, in the regional center. According to akim, it is also necessary to involve representatives of business entities and public organizations.

“I charge akims of the cities and areas to join forces with the city-forming and other commercial enterprises to clear the roads from snow. We need to synchronize work of all services”, akim said.

The issues, brought up by the Head of the State at the enlarged session of the Government RK, were discussed also in the meeting. Abylkair Skakov focused the head’s attention on maintaining the open dialog with population. One of the methods of such dialogue must be akims’ reporting meetings, which organized in the cities and areas of the region. It is worth reminding that the reporting meeting of akim of Pavlodar region will be held on February 14. On the eve of the meeting and after it Abylkair Skakov also receives people.

Following the results of the meeting, akim of the region encharged with some tasks on the issues related to the socio-economic development of the region.

31/01/2020 169