Akim of Pavlodar region discussed with the public the amendments to the environmental code

Pavlodar authorities and environmentalists propose to expand the list of pollutants to be paid, and to increase the size of administrative sanctions for violation of environmental legislation.

The next meeting of Bulat Bakauov with ecologists, leaders of public environmental organizations and heads of large industrial enterprises was held in the regional library. Toraigyrov. As the head of the Department of subsoil use, environment and water resources Kadylzhan Satiyev said, the amendments that are planned to be made to the environmental code of the country, provide for the introduction of automated systems for online monitoring of emissions and the mechanism of sudden environmental inspections, the transition of nature users to a system of integrated environmental permits and to the best available technologies.

– Over the past 10 years, production has increased and almost doubled the volume of emissions and discharges of pollutants of industrial enterprises in the region, – said the speaker. – There is a fee for emissions into the environment. However, since 2009, the list of substances for which this fee is paid has been significantly reduced. In it there are no toxic substances relating to the main at work of the enterprises of the Pavlodar region. These are aluminum oxide, sodium hydrochloride, fluoride gaseous compounds, hydrochloride, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and chlorine.

Among other things, Pavlodar experts ask to increase the size of administrative sanctions for violation of environmental legislation. Akim of the region, in turn, proposed to approve action plans for environmental protection, which are developed by large industrial enterprises, taking into account the opinion of deputies of the regional maslikhat and the public Council.

– We have to look objectively at a situation, – Bulat Bakauov noted. – The plan of the enterprise for environmental protection should be based not on the order of the head of this company, but on the recommendation of the members of the environmental Commission at maslikhat. So that all this work is not reduced, for example, to replacing one filter.

In proposals to new environmental code involved and Pavlodar public men. The leader of the Association “ECOM” Svetlana Mogilyuk stressed that first of all at the national level promote the rights of the public. In addition, she proposed a new format for the care of green spaces in the framework of public-private partnership.  

Photo By Valery Bugaev

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