An Ambulance Station Was Opened on the Highway of Republican Subordinance Pavlodar – Semey

An additional ambulance point appeared on the border between Pavlodar and East Kazakhstan Oblast — in Sharbakty village of Akkuly district.

The ambulance workers were housed in the building of a rural family-medical ambulance station. Indoors held Internet and special communication with the regional station 103, located in Pavlodar. For the operational work of an ambulance point, a car fitted with all necessary items is provided: a defibrillator, a cardiometer, a ventilator and other equipment.

“The available additional ambulance points Novoyamyshevo, Chernoretsk and Rozovka have already proven their effectiveness,” – the station’s chief physician 103 Kanadan Akhmetzhanov states. – “Thanks to the opening of such points, our service reaches the accident sites much faster, and this, in turn, affects the speed of reanimation and hospitalization. In our work, this is the most important moment”.

In addition, the emergency room will be able to serve the population of three villages of the district of Akkuly – Sharbakty, Tusagash and Zhabagly. In the near future, they plan to open additional emergency points in Maraldy village of the Scherbakty district and in Kyzylzhar, which is the part of Aksu rural zone.

Emergency Ward Press Service

21/02/2019 434