An office for the rehabilitation of disabled people appeared in the village of Kenzhekol, Pavlodar region

An office where people with disabilities will be able to undergo rehabilitation was opened in a new culture house, correspondent reports.

Bakbergen Halamush, who himself is confined to a wheelchair after an accident in the army, will receive patients in a rehabilitation room. For several years, bunk beds fell on a conscript soldier and suffered a spinal injury. A young man who really wants to get on his feet is ready to help others.


“For this, I took courses at the Atameken Business Chamber and received a grant to develop our own business,” says Bakbergen. – However, to open a special gym for the disabled, we could not find a room in Kenzhekol. Then I went for a personal reception to the akim of the region. Bulat Zhumabekovich promised to help. Today he kept his word.

On behalf of ERG, the project initiator was awarded a grant of 5 million tenge to equip the cabinet. As it turned out, Bakbergen Halamush used to work at the Aksu ferroalloy plant, and representatives of the Eurasian group decided to support his former employee.

The cabinet for the rehabilitation of disabled people will work on the basis of the new house of culture, which was presented in Kenzhekol. There is a hall for 300 seats, a dance hall and classrooms for the work of circles.

“The issue of building a house of culture in Kenzhekol has been raised for a long time,” said akim of the Pavlodar region Bulat Bakauov during the opening of the recreation center. – Firstly, Kenzhekol is a village adjacent to the regional center, part of Pavlodar, and secondly, taking into account the villages that make up the district, more than 11 thousand people live here. Therefore, it was important for the regional leadership that the issue of building a house of culture be resolved positively. In previous years, we opened the same facilities in other suburban villages – Leninsky, Zhanaul and the village of Zheleznodorozhnikov. I hope that the new DC will not stand idle. This largely depends on the activity of the villagers themselves.



Adil Askerov

Photo by Valery Bugaev

03/10/2019 155