Bulat Bakauov congratulated veterans Aksu on the upcoming Victory Day

Akim of Pavlodar region went to visit the war veterans living in the city itself, as well as in the village of Kalkaman.


On the eve of May 9, the head of the region decided to visit all the participants of the Great Patriotic War living in Pavlodar region. In the city of Aksu, he congratulated Kudaibergen Kapsalyamov and Kirill Vinokurov on the upcoming holiday. Both veterans remember Bulat Bakauov as akim of the city and were glad to see him at home.
“Thank you for coming,” said Kirill Vinokurov, the head of the region. – It’s nice that you do not forget us, the elderly.
In the village of Kalkaman, akim came to visit Vasily Moskovchenko and Ivan Kondrashov. Vasily Gavrilovich, who lives in a private house with an elderly wife, had a request for a guest.
“My wife and I are no longer young,” said the front-line soldier. – A toilet and other amenities are on the street, sometimes difficult to leave.
The veteran was offered to move to an apartment in a four-story building, which was recently reconstructed in the village. If the veteran’s family is satisfied with everything, they will live in it.
Today, 72 front-line soldiers live in Pavlodar region. By the Victory Day each of them will be paid 500 thousand tenge.
Photo by Valery Bugaev.


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