Bulat Bakauov: Working meetings on beautification of Pavlodar to be hold once a month

Development of the regional center in 2020 was discussed at the enlarged meeting in akimat.

The heads of the government agencies, utility companies and public figures of Pavlodar city took part in the meeting, held in the regional akimat. “This year it is planned to asphalt 36 city streets to the sum of KZ 1.2 bln. In addition, it was decided to widen 2 streets: Amangeldy (from May 1 to Nazarbayev avenue) and Dimitrov (from Kamzin to Pavlov streets). In Pavlodar it is scheduled to repair the street Abay Kunanbayev. This year Kazakhstan will celebrate his 175-th anniversary”, Kairat Nukenov said.

“You are personally responsible for this work. It is necessary to beautify not only the street but also the houses on it. You need to go into each house and discuss this issue with homeowners. People should pay attention to their gates, fences, roofs. In a month we should see a clear conception for the improvement of Abay street”, the head of the region Bulat Bakauov said it to akim of the city.

Akim of Pavlodar region demanded to resolve the issue of city lighting. He promised to find money to light the center of the city and territory near the manufacturing plant. According to preliminary estimates, we need more than KZ 1 bln for it.

“Today the regional center is beautified at the expense of the budget and sponsors. Each entrepreneur should think about what he has done around his gas station, next to the store or in the courtyard. It is necessary to speak with each businessman personally”, Bulat Bakauov continued.

Akim of the region also paid attention to the building of the railway station and forecourt. According to him, “gates of the city” must be repaired.

“We will hold meetings on beautification of the city once a month. Pavlodar is our common home and, therefore, representatives of the authority, social activists, businessman and citizens should work together”, he said.

09/01/2020 151