Bulat Bakauov’s reporting meeting to be held on February 14

 Akim of Pavlodar region will meet with population of the region in the Palace of Culture of Yestay.

The traditional meetings, held by akims of the cities and areas in Pavlodar region, will be organized from January 15 to February 7. The meeting of the head of the region with people will be held on February 14. It is expected that Bulat Bakauov will report on the socio-economic development of Priirtyshye in the Palace of Culture of Yestay. The meeting is scheduled to start at 11.00.

It is planned that any person can outline proposals or complaints for akim of the area, city or region. Comments on the work of the government agencies will be accepted in the writing form and using the blog platforms of the heads and their social network pages.

06/01/2020 64