Archival service of Pavlodar region

Archives – documentary memory of the country. They are the main element of continuity of historical times.

“There is no history without documents, there is not state, nation without history” the historian Tarle said.

The Khan Zhangir went down in the history as far-sighted and wise politician, knowing the value and importance of the archives for their contemporaries and descendants. He formulated the principle of storing of historical important documents. Treasury and archives were the equal values for him.

Archiving is an integral part of the society, as the unique archival documents keep memory of all events, related to our life.

In 2015 the archival service of Pavlodar region will celebrate the 90-th anniversary.

The history of archival institutions of Pavlodar region has started on July,30,1925.

Pavlodar region was founded by the RCEC order on January 15,1938.

By the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR from June,17,1960 the archival center of the Department of Internal Affairs of the executive committee of Pavlodar regional Council of People’s Deputies was reorganized into the archival department at the executive committee of Pavlodar regional Council of People’s Deputies.

Documents, kept in the funds of the archival institutions, allow to receive information in different aspects of the history of Pavlodar region, as the Soviet era as the period of establishment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan as the sovereign state. They contain information about development of the economy, solution of the socio-cultural issues, reviving traditions of the people living in Pavlodar region.

Archival documents are varied in content. The most significant are the funds of the local government and public administration; institutions, organizations and enterprises of the machine-building industry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, coal industry, energy, planning and statistics, agriculture, education, public health and culture.

The archival institutions of the region keep documents that are a part of the National Archive Fund of the Republic of Kazakhstan. They are a part of the historical and cultural heritage of our people and protected by the state as the national heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nowadays in the archival institutions of the region there are more than 4000 funds (1 mln 243 documents).

Booklets, articles are published, TV programs are prepared, excursions, meetings, school lessons and lectures are organized on the basis of archival documents.

The value of archival documents is determined by frequency of their use. In work of archivists there are all traditional forms of use of the documents. Special place is taken by reference work. In accordance with the Standards for public service “Issuance of archival information” 22660 inquires were executed in 2016.

The profound changes, which were made in all spheres of life of the modern society, namely socio-economic transformation in the country at the end of the 20-th century, including the processes of denationalization, privatization and corporatization, have set the tasks before archivists.

Pavlodar archivists have high responsibility, devotion to the profession, creative attitude to work and sincere desire to help people.

The collective of the archival institutions are responsible for preservation of the documents.

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