Services, rendered to individuals and legal entities

The order of rendering the public service “Issuance of archival certificates” in the archival institutions of Pavlodar region


Every person may have the necessity to recover information about events that have taken place years or even decades ago. But what should we do if the documents containing the desired information have been lost? In such cases, the only way to obtain information from the official source is to go to the archival institution.

The order of consideration of citizen’s appeals and organizations to the state archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan defined by the Standard of public service “Issuance of archival certificates”, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from April, 17, 2015 N138.

What should we know when we come to the archival institutions, including in Pavlodar region?

Types of requests 

The requests are divided into:

thematic –information on a particular topic, problem, event or fact;

genealogical – need for documentary information establishing kinship, two or more people, family history;

socio-legal – requests of a particular person or organization associated with the rights and legitimate interests.

Documents required to render services  

For the public service “Issuance of archival certificates” an applicant shall submit the following documents:

An application with information which is necessary to confirm; applications can be accepted in any form but with surname, name, patronymic name, year and place of birth, nationality and other information that can help to search for the documents. If it is necessary, the application should be accompanied by the relevant documents and materials or copies (employment books, certificates, licenses and etc.), original and a copy of the identity card of the applicant upon a personal visit or a document certifying the authorization of the trustee. At the reception of the documents a worker of the archival institution verifies the authenticity of the copy with the original and returns the original to the applicant.


Procedure of filing of an application

Application with the necessary package of the documents for the public service “Issuance of archival certificates” can be given by the applicant:

upon a personal visit to the archival institution;

when write to the postal and email addresses of the archival institution;

through not-profit public company “Public corporation “Government for citizens” (Further – public corporation);

through web portal of “electronic government” (


Period of rendering of services

1) from the date of giving documents to the service provider, Public corporation, as well as using the portal – 11 (eleven) calendar days.

When it is necessary to study documents of two or more organizations and period of more than five years, the service provider will extend the period of rendering of the public service not more than 30 calendar days. It is reported to the service receiver within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of registration of the documents.

 The day of delivery of the documents to the Public corporation is not included in the period of the public service;

2) maximum waiting time for delivery of documents – 15 (fifteen) minutes;

3) maximum service time – 15 (fifteen) minutes.


Results of rendering of the service

1) issuing archival certificates from the service provider in the Public corporation;

2) on the portal – notification of readiness of the archival certificates.

The form of the public service: electronic and (or) paper documents.


The order of getting results 

An archival certificate, archival copy of the document or reasoned written refusal in providing the service is given to the applicant or another person with the written power of attorney or sent to the postal address of the applicant or Public corporation.


The reasons for possible refusal  

Refusal in providing service is possible for the following reasons:

the applicant does not provide a complete package of the documents or documents contain false information;

an application has no required information to fulfill the request.


Claims on rendering services

In case of the claims on quality of rendering of the public service, the complaint is lodged to the director of the archival institution or head of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Pavlodar region. Complaints are accepted in writing form by mail or directly in the personal meeting by the director of the archival institution or head of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of Pavlodar region.

The complaint on the quality of rendering of the service through the Public corporation is filed to the director of the centre.

The complaint is considered within the procedure and period prescribed by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 12, 2007 № 221-III “The procedure of consideration of appeals of physical and legal entities” (as amended as of 03.07.2014). The answer is sent to the author to the specified address.