Investment opportunities

Following the resulst of 12 months of 2017, investments in fixed assets have amounted to 493.3 billion KZT (IFI 106.0%).

In the regional context: mainly investments account for the cities – 89.0% and 11.0% accrues to the districts.

In terms of investments in the manufacturing industry, Pavlodar Oblast is at the 1st place – 210.8 billion tenge.

External investments are 114.5 billion tenge, the share of external investments is 23.2%.

At the end of 2017, investment growth in the following sectors is:

– the mining industry – 490,0% (49,4 billion tenge);

– agriculture, forestry and fisheries – 300.0% (55.4 billion KZT);

– healthcare and social services – 252.8% (4.7 billion KZT);

– education – 143.9% (3.7 billion tenge);

– construction – 121.0% (2.6 billion tenge);

– transport and warehousing – 119.2% (53.9 billion tenge).

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 29 November 2011, Pavlodar, Special Economic Zone was established in the Oblast. The total area of the SEZ is 3300 hectares, where 1200 hectares are under the development of the SEZ, and 2100 hectares are the existing Bylkyldak pond storage.

The main objectives of SEZ establishing:

  • production of export-oriented products with high added value, using modern technologies;
  • implementation of breakthrough investment projects, research and development innovative projects within the framework of the development of priority industries with a high level of redistribution;
  • creation of a favourable investment climate and attraction of domestic and foreign investments for the implementation of investment projects.

Within the framework of  Kazakhstan Republic Law “On Amendments and Additions to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Improving SEZ” dated October 27, 2015, No. 362-V, economic activities of Pavlodar,  Special Economic Zone are:

1) manufacturing industry, except for:

  • production of food products;
  • production of drinks;
  • production of tobacco products;
  • production of wooden and cork products, except furniture; manufacturing of products made of straw and plaiting materials;
  • printing and playback of recorded material;
  • production of furniture;
  • repair and installation of machinery and equipment;

2) construction and commissioning according to the act of acceptance by the state acceptance committee of objects intended directly for the implementation of activities.

There are tax and customs preferences on the territory of the SEZ.

According to the feasibility study, the cost of building the infrastructure of Pavlodar, FEZ  is 21.0 billion KZT , where 3.7 billion KZT has been allocated to complete the construction of a customs terminal, fencing, power supply, technical water supply and construction of treatment facilities.

At present, on the territory of the SEZ there are 8 operating enterprises with the investment volume of more than 50.0 billion tenge:

  • Caustic, JSC – production of caustic soda, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid;
  • Belizna, LLP – production of household chemicals;
  • BO-NA, LLP – production of disinfectants;
  • CCU-PV, LLP – production of calcined petroleum coke;
  • AgroChimProgress, LLP – production of agrochemical products;
  • Evooil Kazakhstan, LLP – production of motor oils (1st stage);
  • Giessenhaus, LLP -production of alloyed aluminium;
  • KiK Pavlodar, LLP -production of automobile wheels.