Housing and public utilities

Power supply

Electricity is given to the cities and areas of the region by the following enterprises:

– “Pavlodar Electric Distribution Company” (“PEDC” JSC) – Pavlodar, Aksu and areas of the region;

– “Gorelectroset” JSC – Ekibastuz.

The length of electrical networks is 17,5 th km, including: VL 220-110 kW – 2.7 th km, VL-35-10-0,4 kW – 13.6 th km, cable lines – 10-6-0,4 kW – 1,2 th km.

The number of substations 4349, including: substations 220-110 kW – 78, substations 35-10-0,4 kW – 128, TP, KTP-6-10-/0,4 kW – 4143.

Electrical networks wear is 62.5% (average life – 30-35 years).


Water supply

The length of water supply pipes in the cities of Pavlodar region is 1251.1 km and drainage pipes – 888,7 km.

The number of water supply networks, requiring repair makes up 63% and drainage system – 59.7%.

5 projects were implemented in 2016 in order to improve the networks and facilities within the programs “Development of the regions up to 2020” and “Nurly Zhol” (crediting).

Reconstruction and modernization of the water treatment facilities in Pavlodar, main sewage pumping station in Ekibastuz, reconstruction of 10.4 km of water supply networks and construction of 1.9 km of the sewage collector in Ekibastuz were completed within the projects.

The municipal enterprises made major repair and reconstructed the water supply and drainage networks with length of 15.9 km for the own funds and depreciation allowances.

9 projects are planned to be implemented at the water supply and sewerage facilities in 2017 for the money, allocated from the local budget, within the programs “Development of the regions to 2020”, “Nurly Jol” (crediting). The water supply networks with length of 15.7 km will be constructed, 3.35 km of the water supply network, 2.7 km of the sewerage network, 3 sewage pumping stations, 1 fecal pumping station and 3 booster pumping stations will be reconstructed and modernized.

In 2017, 17.5 km of the water supply network and 3.1 km of the sewage network will be repaired and reconstructed for depreciation allowances and own funds of the enterprises.


Heat supply

The length of heat network in the region is 930.6 km, including highway – 155 km; quarterly – 752.6 km; network of hot-water supply- 23 km.

Today the number of heat networks, requiring repair is 63.7%.

In order to reduce the length of worn-out networks, every year the projects are implemented in the region within the state programs. The operation organizations repair the networks within the investment program.

In 2016 public utility companies replaced 4.2 km of thermal insulation, reconstructed and built 25.1 km of the networks within the state program “Development of the region until 2020” and “Nurly zhol” and also for depreciation allowances  and own funds.

In 2017 it is planned replace 4 km of thermal insulation, repair and reconstruct 22 km, construct 1.8 km of networks, construct 7 heat points and start building the pumping station within the state program “Nurly Zhol” for the local budget.

In the current year public utility companies schedule to repair and reconstruct 23.6 km of heat networks for depreciation allowances  and own funds.


Housing stock

The total area of the housing stock of Pavlodar region makes up 14.4 mln m2. (10.0 mln m2 – for the cities and 4.4 m2 – for villages)

Nowadays, in the region there are 2494 apartment houses (2337 – in the cities, 157 – in the areas). 446 condominium facilities work in the region, including LP, PE, CFOs – 206.

In 2011 over 55% of apartment houses are in need of major repair. Among other things 1243 houses required major repair of the roofs, 910 – repair of yard utility networks.

174 apartment houses have been repaired for six years under the program of the modernization of housing and communal services and program for the development of the regions until 2020. Transfers from the republican budget were used for these purposes. Repair in 180 houses was made for the money of the flat owners.

In order to make thermomodernization of apartment houses, roofs of 91 houses were repaired, 14 houses replaced wooden windows to the modern energy-efficient glass units, 18 facades of the houses were made cold proof,  engineering distribution heat and water supply networks were replaced in 107 houses, 58 building-level heat meters and 16 automated heat points were installed.

By May 12, 2017, the number of apartment houses that require major repair has been reduced to 32% of the total number of the houses.

Social conditions and comfort of living were improved for more than 20000 people.

In 2016 and 2017 money was not allocated from the republican budget for major repair within the Housing and Utilities Modernization Program. In this regard, in 2016 akimats of Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Aksu cities repaired 4 houses using repayable funds of the flat owners (KZ 74.6 mln). Today the repair has been completed.

In the current year akimat of Pavlodar city makes major repair of 2 apartment houses for the repayable funds of the flat owners (KZ 38 mln).

Nowadays, akimats of Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Aksu cities have developed the budget requests for modernization of 10 apartment houses to the sum of KZ 251.8 mln, including in Pavlodar – 2 (KZ 42.6 mln), in Ekibastuz – 5 (KZ 182.4 mln), in Aksu – 3 (KZ 26.8 mln).

By July 1, 2017, the amount of repayable funds of the flat owners was KZ 373 mln (63%) at the plan – KZ 595 mln.



In order to ensure a comfortable lifestyle to population of Pavlodar region, KZ 12245.8 mln were allocated for the improvement of the cities and areas in 2017. KZ 3978.7 mln were spent by July,1,2017.

37.8 km of roads and sidewalks were repaired, 145,0 th m2 of the road surface had minor repair, 46 intra-yard territories were improved, 38216 linear meters of fence, 365 bus and tram stops, 79 children’s playgrounds and 1433 small architectural forms were installed.

5560 street lights were installed and replaced.

11 parks were improved. 232 parks, 142 streets, 30 fountains, 477.7 km of overhead lines, 88.5 km of cable lines and 137 set of traffic lights are maintained.

41276 trees and 2197 linear meters of living fence were planted. 1100 m2 of laws and 53527 m2 of flower beds beautified.

Garbage was collected and removed.


Gas supply

Population of the cities of Pavlodar region refused from the centralized gas supply. By the decision of akimats and maslikhats of Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Aksu cities, the group reservoir plants (GRP) were degassed and demounted in Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Aksu in order to provide safety. They were dismantled in Ekibastuz and Aksu cities completely and in Pavlodar 162 GRPs, being in municipal property, were put out of decommission.

Liquefied oil gas, produced by “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant” LP is used for everyday and industrial needs.

In the retail market 7 gas enterprises supply and sell LOG. Gas is delivered to population in the cylinders of 27 liters (KZ 1100-1300) and 50 liters (KZ 1900-2200).

Population uses 1180 tons of gas and legal entities – 2700 tons of gas per month, depending on seasonal needs.

Gas is delivered by vehicles.