HPU`s issues

Information of registration for rental housing

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Housing Relations”, citizen, who are need in housing, divided into 4 groups:

1) Disabled people and participants of the Great Patriotic War

2) Social vulnerable groups

They include the following categories:

  • people equal to participants of the Great Patriotic War;
  • disabled people of 1 and 2 groups;
  • families, having children with disabilities;
  • people with severe forms of chronic diseases;
  • old age pensioners;
  • orphans and children, who left without parental care or lost their parents (under 23 years);
  • oralmans;
  • people, who lost their houses as a result of environmental disasters, emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters;
  • large families;
  • families of people, killed in the line of duty;
  • single-parent families.

3) civil servants, workers of organizations and military men

4) people, whose house is in an emergency state

For registration of citizens, it is necessary the following documents:

  1. a certificate from the social protection agency, confirming that a person  belongs to the affirmative action groups. It is given in Pavlodar, Krivenko st., 25, of. 322 or a reference for an official, worker of budget organizations and military man;
  2. a copy of the house register and original of the document for all members of the family;
  3. a certificate for all members of the family, given by the territorial agency of the Ministry of Justice RK. It confirms that an applicant and his relatives, living with him, have no their own flat during the last five years).

The city branches PI “Public service centres of Pavlodar region” receive documents for registration. They are situated in Pavlodar, Pavlov st.,48, Isinaliyev st., 24 and Kutuzov st., 204  from 9.00 to 20.00 on Monday-Saturday.