Pavlodar, Urlyutyub and Maxim-Gorky government institutions for protection of forests and wildlife are under the charge of the Department. They are located in the territory of 9 areas (Lebyazhye, May, Pavlodar, Aktogay, Bayanaul, Zhelezinka, Irtysh, Kachiry, Uspenka) and in the rural area of 3 cities.

The total area of ​​the State Forest Fund of 3 subordinate authorities is 127.5 th he (among them 70% or 89.7 th he – forest).

The main activities are:

– protection, use of the forest fund, reforestation and planting of forests;

– protection, reproduction and use of the wildlife.


Forest fires

In order of prevention of fires, necessary fire prevention measures are carried out every year. Despite this, 27 fires on the total area of ​​113.9 he (wooded area 68 he) have been registered in 2016. The damage by the forest fires – KZ 1306.0 th (costs for extinguishing of the fires – KZ 226.8 th).

The number of fires was decreased by 25% against 2015, the area reduced in 3.5 and damage – in 11times.

All materials were given to the law enforcement agencies. The suit was brought to the sum of KZ 175.7 th, paid – KZ 32.0 th.

1 violation of the fire safety rules in the forest was registered, paid – KZ 21.2 th.


Illegal felling

The institutions and law enforcement agencies always carry out joint measures.

60 facts of illegal felling with the total volume of 364.4 m3 have been registered in the territory of the institutions in 2016 (damage – KZ 2077.8 th). 45 criminal cases were opened (30 weapons and 35.6 m3 of wood were withdrawn).

The number of illegal felling was reduced by 10% against 2015. The volume increased by 33% and damage – in 2 times.

The penalty (KZ 74.2 th) was recovered. The damage – KZ 575.6 th, paid – KZ 558.7 th.



For the purpose of reproduction of forest trees, birches were planted on 7 he in 2016. The forest area was increased in 35 he due to natural regeneration.


Use of forests

In 2016 there was sanitary felling on 848.4 he in the volume of 31.8 m.

The forest income went into the budget to the sum of KZ 17723.9 th.


Fish industry

In the region there are 265 local fishery basins (a list of the local fishery basins is approved by the regional akimat from February 12, 2010 N 31/2). 118 of them are under the charge of 48 natural resource users (32 users are responsible for 62 freshwater resources and 16 users for bitter-salty ones).

Today, the reserve fund consists of 122 local fishery basins without passport.

By the order of akim of the region the audit of the bitter-salty reservoirs was carried out in 9 areas in 2016, namely (Irtysh, Zhelezinka, Shcherbakty, Kachiry, May, Aktogay, Uspenka, Pavlodar and Lebyazhye). By the results of the audit, 66 bitter-salty reservoirs were registered as promising for the development of the industry.

On the basis of scientific recommendations, there was passportization of 42 bitter-salty reservoirs, which were chosen for the tender.

In 2016 there were 7 tenders. By the results, 40 bitter-salty reservoirs and 40 freshwater ones.

In the autumn of 2016 there was stocking of the Toraigyr Lake with fish (young carp). It was made for the regional funds.

In 2016 the quotas for catching fish and other shellfish amounted to 919 tons (catching of Artemia cysts – 819 tons). They were allocated between among 21 subjects of fishery industry. 23 contracts for fishery were signed. The local budget increased by KZ 78.4 mln.

9 violations of the fishing rules were registered. All materials were given to the law enforcement agencies. The damage – KZ 2.2 th. 7 weapons and 6,3 kg of fish were withdrawn.



2 competitions for distribution of hunting lands were held in 2016. 10 (3375 th he) of 17 hunting farms were under the charge of 6 subjects of hunting.

Today, 8 subjects of hunting are responsible for 27 hunting farms (8101.3 th he).

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