Water resources

In order to increase a role of the state in solution of the environmental issues and improvement of the environment control, annually the regional budget allocates money for environmental protection measures.

This year the regional budget has allocated KZ 698.7 mln for implementation of 14 environmental measures. KZ 470.1 mln have been spent for 10 months.

Work on capital repair of the sewage treatment facilities continues in Aksu city. Roofs of the pumping stations and a boiler were repaired, grit dewatering bays were constructed, technological sludge scrapers, heating and drainage pipes were replaced.

Works on cleaning the Belaya River (182596 m3) were completed in Aksu.

The monitoring of spring water pass of the Irtysh River is held annually. (5.78 m3 – from March,29 to April,26).

For optimal regulation of the flow of the Irtysh River, the Department of Water Resources has made some suggestions to the government program, in particular to complete to improve the Shulbinsk reserve, to restore the system of liman irrigation, to develop irrigated agriculture and transhumance.

To maintain the hydraulic regime of the Usolka River in the summer period, “Pavlodar-Vodokanal” LP gives additional volume of water – 540 m3.

20000 of mercury-containing devices and lamps were taken from the public institutions of the region (schools, hospitals, cultural facilities).

2 investment projects are implemented at the expense of the republican transfers:

  • Restoration of the Sabyndykol Lake (project costs – KZ 467.8 mln): reconstructed 9 pipes culvert, the bridge over the brook “Fish-key”, cleaned the lake from silt – 26493 m3 (total area of cleaning – 1800 m2) and pruned rush in the winter period (360 th m2).
  • Restoration of the riverbed of the Usolka River (project costs – KZ 2 458.2 mln), the length – 12.9 km.

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Information of the implementation of the Program “Ak Bulak” for 2014

The program “Ak bulak for 2011-2020” was adopted in order to provide people with qualitative drinking water.

Within the program of central water supply it is slated to give water to 80% of villages of Pavlodar region until 2020.

79 (19.4%) of 407 villages have central water supply.

Three projects were implemented in 2014:

  1. Reconstruction of water pipes in Irtyshsk village of Irtysh area.
  2. Reconstruction of water pipes in Zholkuduk village.
  3. Pumping plant “Alpys” with reconstructions in the water pipe line “Ekibastuz-Maikain”.

KZ 1484.504 mln were allocated for these projects:

  • from the republican budget – KZ 1335.682 mln;
  • from the local budget – KZ 148.822 mln;
  • KZ 1114.098 mln spent.

19 projects totaling KZ 4.04 bln were approved for 2015 within the Program of rural water supply and water disposal (KZ 3.23 bln from the republican budget and KZ 809.9 mln from the local budget).


The regional plan for implementation of the program “Ak Bulak” for 2011-2020 approved by the decision of the regional maslikhat XXXVI (extraordinary session of V convocation) № 295/36 from October 22,2014. According to it, until 2020 it is planned:

  • to organize exploration works in each settlement
  • to allocate funds for the development of construction documents to the villages with sources of water.

Construction of 230 new water supply facilities.

Thus, the water supply rate in villages will be increased to 39% at the first stage in the period of 2014-2017 and reached 76% in 2018-2020.

Finally, 309 of 407 villages will have central water supply.