Participatory budgeting

In General, it is planned to implement independent budgets in 126 rural districts in Pavlodar region.

To consistently strengthen the independence of akims of village akimats in addressing topical issues of local importance in 32 settlements of the region with a population of more than 2 thousand people, independent budgets have been approved since January 1, 2018.

7 types of tax and other non-tax revenues were transferred to the budget of the village for the financial independence of local self-government (LSG).

Funds which covers the cost of local government for 19 types of fields. This is in the field of education, social assistance, housing and communal services, culture, sports and recreational activities, construction, repair and maintenance of roads, etc.

As of July 1 this year, the total volume of rural budgets amounted to 5.7 billion tenge, of which the subvention from the higher budget – 2.9 billion tenge.

In the remaining 94 settlements, independent budgets are planned to be approved from January 1, 2020.

For the successful universal implementation of independent budgets of rural districts, the region annually develops an action Plan for the implementation of the 4th level of the budget, which provides for a phased joint work of akims of cities and districts, rural districts, regional and territorial state bodies.

In April last year, at the regional level, a working group was created to assist the akimats of rural districts, which moved to the fourth level of the budget, which included representatives of territorial and regional state bodies.

The working group carried out visits to districts and cities in order to provide practical assistance on the ground in addressing issues related to the process of execution of independent budgets.

In April 2019, under the chairmanship of the Governor of the region, an extended meeting on issues of the 4th level with akims of rural settlements, districts, cities, as well as authorized regional and territorial state bodies was held.

At the meeting with the rural akims, problematic issues were discussed and further actions of the authorized bodies for the successful implementation of independent budgets were coordinated.

Every year since 2017, the authorized bodies of all levels on a regular basis hold seminars with rural akims and employees of their offices to improve legal, financial and computer literacy.

Also, the Branch of the Republican state-owned enterprise “Academy of public administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan” annually trains akims and specialists of villages, towns and rural districts on the introduction of an independent budget and municipal property of local government.

Currently, all regions of the region have begun work on the formation of rural budgets for 2020-2022.

Spending limits of rural districts by the departments of economy and Finance of the region were considered at the budget commissions of the regions and brought to the offices of akims of rural districts.

Until September 1, the draft rural budgets will be agreed with the relevant meetings of local communities, submitted for consideration to the budget Commission of districts and cities of the region and further approved in the terms defined by the legislation (no later than two weeks after the signing of the decision of the masdikhat of the district (city of regional significance) on the approval of the district (city).

To cover the development of local self-government in March 2018, a briefing was held with the participation of the Deputy akim of the region and the regional media on local self-government.

In October 2018 – held a press conference with the Deputy head of the Department of economy and budget planning of the region Nazarchuk IP on “Work on the implementation of independent budgets of rural districts.”

In June 2019, information on the results of the implementation of the 4th level of the budget in the region was published in the regional Newspapers “Saryarka Samaly” and “Star Priirtyshya”.

In October 2019, it is planned to hold a briefing with the participation of the head of the Department of economy and budget planning of the region on “The continuation of work on the implementation of independent budgets of rural districts”.

In the process of approval, all draft decisions of maslikhats on rural budgets for 2019-2021 passed the procedure of public discussion by the population on the portal of open regulatory legal acts.

Also, in order to bring information on the rural budget to the population in an accessible form, civil budgets have been developed and posted on the websites of akims of districts or departments of the economy of cities and districts.

As a result of citizens ‘ participation in the budget process, the necessary feedback is provided and, as a result , the budget policy is more in line with the needs of citizens.