«Centre «Ana Tili» Limited Liability Partnership

Ana Tili Centre, Limited Liability Partnership (hereinafter referred to as the Partnership) is a legal entity according to the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Partnership was reorganized by the transformation of Pavlodar Oblast Teacher Resource Centre for the Development of Languages “Ana Tili” of Pavlodar Oblast Language Development Department of Pavlodar Oblast Akimat, Municipal State Enterprise On the Right of Economic Management to  Ana Tіlі Centre, Limited Liability partnership in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On State Property”, “On Limited and Additional Liability Partnerships”.

Ana Tili, LLP has compiled 36, 60, 80, 100 and 120-hour training programs for the purpose of teaching the national language. They give the right to determine the level of knowledge of the state language among civil servants and for their further education.

Currently, civil servants of many state institutions and employees of various non-state enterprises are trained in Ana Tili, LLP.

Today great attention is paid to the development and functioning of the state language. Various events are held within the framework of the Regional Plan for Language Development. The main goal of the events is to discuss ways of the implementation of new language strategic plans of the President, expansion of the use of the state language, ways to strengthen its status and methods of popularization, raise the level of the Kazakh language, and stimulate interest in its study.

Within the framework of the Oblast Action Plan for the Implementation of the State Program for the Development and Functioning of Languages, free Kazakh language courses covered 560 people in 2015, 477 people in 2016, 599 – in 2017. In the future, this work will be continued, as the number of people wishing to learn the Kazakh language is growing every day, especially among people of the non-titular nation.

The main objectives of the LLP are:

1) implementation of production and economic activities in the field of education to ensure the necessary material, technical, scientific, educational and methodological conditions for the organization of training in the state, English and other languages;

2) interaction with government agencies and organizations on issues of development and expansion of public functions of the state, English and other languages;

3) teaching the state, English and other languages and disseminating training programs through the media: television, radio, newspapers;

4) use of new information technologies in the study of state, English and other languages;

5) provision of methodological, practical assistance to translators, specialists in State language records management, heads of Kazakh language clubs;

6) development and dissemination of methodological recommendations and manuals, conducting seminar-workshops, consultations and other events.

The business profile of the LLP is:

1) rendering practical assistance to state bodies and organizations, as well as individuals in processing requisites, visual information, translation of business papers, registration documents;

2) release and sale of booklets, calendars, books, techniques, textbooks, phrase books, reference books, dictionaries and other educational and methodological products;

3) arrangement of language training for civil servants, employees of non-state bodies, institutions, enterprises, as well as for all persons wishing to improve their skills.

4) checking and translations of the texts of seals, stamps, price lists and other visual products in Kazakh, Russian and English;

5) preparation of scenarios in the state language;

6) organization and holding of exhibitions, presentations, charity events in Kazakh, Russian and English.

The curriculum consists of 4 levels:

First level:

Listening: To know the information on your personal history, profession. Ability to conduct dialogues on the material heard.

Speaking: Applying the necessary words that occur in daily vocabulary. To be able to ask questions correctly and answer them in a proper way.

Reading: Ability to read letters in the state language and other information.

Writing: Ability to write your narrative biography, CV and fill out a personal sheet.

Second level:

Listening: Understanding of texts, stories related to office work in the official style.

Speaking: Ability to conduct dialogues.

Reading: Reading texts consisting of 100-150 words. Ability to pronounce sounds correctly.

Writing: Ability to write congratulatory letters, applications, receipts and letters of guarantee.

Third level:

Listening: To perceive the necessary information.

Speaking: Ability to think correctly and pronounce a particular speech.

Reading: Ability to read texts related to professional, public and political activities.

Writing: Ability to draw up documents, make samples of orders.

Fourth level

Listening: Ability to explain daily information and write references.

Speaking: To speak in full ably and express your thoughts.

Reading: Ability to read texts on political, professional, public topics.

Writing: Complete mastering of state language records management.

For the day, the LLP is equipped with the necessary material, technical, educational and methodological base. Textbooks, dictionaries, study guides on the basics of office work, translation and special workbooks for listeners have been prepared. Training is conducted by professors, candidates of sciences, senior lecturers of higher educational institutions of Pavlodar city, as well as specialists with practical experience of teaching in labour collectives, conduct classes of Kazakh-language offices equipped with institutions and enterprises.

In order to study the state language, a training program has been drawn up and approved. Under this program, civil servants, in accordance with the level of knowledge other than the everyday Kazakh language, study terms that are encountered in the course of work. In the learning process, the abilities of each listener are taken into account, that is, an individual approach is provided. Upon completion of the course, testing is conducted, which results in a certificate of completion of a particular level.

The Ana Tili Centre works closely with the Language Development Department, the Kazakh Language Society, Zamandas Club for Veterans promoting the development of the state language in the Region and participating in the implementation of the state program for the development and functioning of languages.

Ana Tili, LLP  is located at 5B Pl. Pobedy Street, 5B, of. 802, Pavlodar.

Contact telephones: 32-62-37, 32-62-85.

Email: аnаtilіcenter@mail.kz