Regional language policy

The Department of Language Development of the region carries out the state language policy. Our primary goal – to create all conditions for the development of the state language, development of the languages of the ethnic groups, living in the region and assistance to officials and citizens in learning the Kazakh language.

The language – a special instrument, which helps to communicate people. We should appreciate it as a source of cooperation, unity and harmony in the country.

Each of us must show interest in approval of the state language in our society. Knowledge of the language gives us the opportunity to understand the Fatherland, where we live. Speaking the Kazakh language should be the need for each of us, because we are citizens of one state, our common home Kazakhstan.

In order to implement the state language policy, office work in all government agencies is taken under a special control. The work is carried out in three main directions.

First direction – control over office work in the Kazakh language in the government agencies of the region and provision of methodological assistance.

Every year specialists of the Department of Language Development, members of the regional expert committee and workers of the regional Prosecutor’s Office organize inspections in the cities, areas and government agencies of the region.

Nowadays, 13 public agencies and 4 cultural institutions have simultaneous interpretation equipment. Every year interpreters have advanced training courses.

The Department of Language Development has provided all government agencies, cities and areas of the region with book for study of the Kazakh language and dictionaries, necessary for office work in the state language.

In accordance with the art.21 of the Law RK “On languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan” all visual information must be in two languages.

Such organizations as “Kazakhtelecom”, “Gorvodokanal”, “Energy center”, “Specmachines”, “Cooperative of flat owners” provide documentation in two languages.

Information and propaganda days are organized in the government and nongovernment institutions, which render services to people and in areas with a large number of ethnic groups.

In accordance with the Law, the city passenger transport enterprises “Pavlodar city tram department”, “Vehicle fleet №1» place indoor and outdoor advertising in public transport and announce stops in two languages.

Documents in the Kazakh and Russian languages (rendering of services, product name, menu and etc.) are taken under the control.

Second direction – work on the Kazakh language acquisition. The results of the socio-linguistic research, conducted in the region annually, show that a social status of the Kazakh language has increased in the region for the last years.

23 national-cultural associations of the region and 57 structural units follow the state language policy. Every year the Department publishes study guides for the school of national revival. All necessary conditions are created for pupils, who want to learn the native and Kazakh languages.

Except the center “Ana tili”, opened in 2005, in Pavlodar region there are many educational institutions, where people can learn the Kazakh language. Pavlodar State University of S.Toraigyrov and Innovative University of Eurasia have opened the training centres. Workers of such large enterprises as “Kazakhtelecom”, “Aluminium of Kazakhstan”, “Bogatyr Komir”, “Eurasian Energy Corporation”, “Aksu Ferroalloy Plant” and “Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant” study the state language.

Annually over 10000 people took courses of the Kazakh language in the region. People, who wish to learn the state language, can go to “Ana tili”, “New generation”, “Polyglot”, “Lingua-Star” and other private centres.

Third direction – propaganda and implementation of the state language policy, organization of cultural events, creation of the conditions for preservation and development of the languages of different ethnic groups. These activities are aimed at creating a cultural space, strengthening of international cooperation and development of Kazakhstan’s patriotism in the region. By tradition, annually the region holds the regional competition of young akyns, regional competition among people, who know Abay’s poetry, regional competitions of dramatic reading of O.Bokei, days of literature of Turkic people and days of Slavic literature. On the eve of the holiday of languages, government agencies, higher educational institutions, schools, kindergartens, libraries and museums organize many important events.

Information and educational programs, advertising clips “The state language policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan” are broadcast in the TV channel “Kazakhstan-Pavlodar” and the program “The state language and family” in the regional radio. There is the web-site «» in two languages.

Development of the Kazakh language is a very important problem in the country. Therefore, raising the status of the language – our common goal.

Positive solution of the national issue in any country has always been one of the main priorities. Kazakhstan chose its way for solution, and time showed that it was the most constructive in formation of new statehood with preservation and further development of the languages and cultures of all ethnic groups, living in the country.

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