Information about targeted social assistance

The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on social protection of population” (hereinafter – Law) was adopted on October 28.2015. The law will be carried into effect on January 1, 2018.

The essence and difference of the new approaches, provided for in the law, from the current system:

increasing the poverty line to provide targeted social assistance (hereinafter – TSA) from 40% to 50% of the minimum subsistence level and, accordingly, the level of assistance that will be provided instead of the current ones:

– specialpublic welfare payments (hereinafter – PWP) to large families;

– public welfare payments for children under 18 for low-income families;

– targeted social assistance, provided to low-income households;

A social contract is signed with low-income people of working age for getting social assistance. There are obligations of the recipient (family) to participate in employment promotion measures and Employment Center – to promote the employment (training) and provide other measures of social support;

TSA is given for the period of social contract validity (which is concluded for 6 months and, if it is necessary to extend the contract for 6 months) in order to strengthen the economic independence of the recipient (in the current system – TSA is provided for the quarter);

introduction of the institute of family maintenance – consultants and project assistants monitor the progress of execution of participants’ obligations under the social contract as well as give them support for self-overcoming difficult life situations;

introduction of the principle “one window” and comprehensive provision of assistance to needy people in the Employment Center by submittingaset of documents to one agency, that simplifies the procedure of providing the targeted social assistance.

However, TSA will be classified into 2 types: unconditional and conditional monetary assistance.

Unconditional assistancewill be given to those citizens, who really need or are in a difficult life situation and cannot emerge from it for various reasons (age, health status, disability and other social helplessness).

Conditional monetary assistancewill be given to low-income families with one unemployable member of the family, subject to signing the social contract for activation of the family and mandatory participation of capable-for-work family members in active measures to promote employment. It will beprofessional training, social workplaces, employment, assistance in child day care and etc. Limiting the duration of targeted payments and “tit-for-tat response” of recipients will help to increase labor motivation and allow them to be self-dependence.

Strengthening the responsibility of TSA recipients, according to the new approaches – if a recipient refuses to conclude a social contract or fulfills obligations under the social contract, sanctions will be applied to TSA recipients from among able-bodied family members, i.e. monetary assistance will be reduced by 50% (with one refusal) or stopped (with repeated refusal), depending on execution of the social contract. As for social assistance to children,TSA will be paid for each child, regardless of participation/non-participation of able-bodied family members in active measures to promote employment.

Information of the situation in the labour market of Pavlodar region

As of July 1, 2017, 7186 new workplaces were created in the region, including 4775 permanent jobs (66.4%).

Measures to ensure the employment of the population are implemented within the comprehensive plan for employment promotion of Pavlodar region for 2017. The activities of the Program of productive employment and development of mass entrepreneurship (hereinafter – Program) and other programs are included in it.

During the period of 2017, 9691 people (38.1%) were covered by active measures of employment (plan – 18843), including 1729 people under the program (plan – 3789).

As of July 1, 2017, there are 4287 vacancies in the region.

3670 unemployed people are registered in the regional employment agencies. The share of the registered unemployed people in the economically active population is 0.9%.

People`s employment

Information about the situation at the labour market

As of May 1,2017, 3039 new workplaces were created in the region, including 2080 permanent (68.4%).

Measures of employment promotion are implemented within the Comprehensive Plan of people’s employment in Pavlodar region for 2017. It includes events of the Employment Road Map – 2020 and other programs.

During the expired period of 2017, 5188 people (27.5%) were covered with active measures of employment, at the plan 18843, including 578 people under the program (at the plan – 3789).

8161 people asked the competent authorities to provide employment assistance, 3510 of them were employed.

The employment level of unemployed people to the number of addressed people in the region was 43%.

In the first direction of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship (provision of the participants of the Program with technical and vocational education and short-term vocational training) it is planned a short-term training for 937 people. KZ 156.2 mln will be allocated from the republican budget for these purposes (general transfers).

The short-term training is scheduled in May 2017.

1165 (81%) people were employed for social workplaces (at the plan – 1438), including 551 people under the program (plan of the program – 468 people).

Youth practice at the plan 538 has been organized for 135 graduates of the educational institutions (25.1%), including 27 under the program (plan of the program – 288 people).

1678 unemployed people (53.1%) had relief work (at the plan – 3159).

As of May 1, 2017 in the region there are 3953 vacancies.

3496 unemployed people are registered in the employment agencies. The share of the registered unemployed people among economically active population is 0.8%.

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List of vacancies in Pavlodar region for 22.06.2017 (28.9 Kb, zip)

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