Information of rendering social assistance to needy citizens

By May 1, 2017 the state targeted social assistance was given to 353 low-income citizens to the sum of KZ 4.9 mln. The assistance is provided to the citizens with income below the poverty line, in the 2d quarter of 2017 – KZ 8022.

There are 353 people, who have targeted social assistance, including: children under 18 years – 64%, unemployed people, registered in the employment agencies – 5.9% , employed people – 3.4%, pensioners – 1.9%, disabled people of all groups – 2.5%, students – 3,7%,  people caring for children -17.8%, others – 0.2%, self-employed people – 0.3%.

The government allowance for children was set to 909 families (with 2522 children), totaling KZ 18.9 mln.  Families can get children’s allowance if their average income does not exceed the cost of the food basket, which in the 2d quarter of 201 amounts to KZ 12034.

Low-income families, whose share of the maximum allowable utility costs exceeds 7% of the total income, obtain housing assistance. From the beginning of this year 4378 needy families received help to the sum of KZ 42.8 mln.

During the reporting period, charitable assistance in cash and in physical term was given to more than 10.0 th vulnerable citizens (KZ 47.6 mln). As well as charity canteens and food services areas, providing one-time free lunch, served 3486 people (KZ 14.4 mln); centers of collection and issuance of clothing and footwear to the population benefited to 126 people (KZ 693.2 th); 824 people got discounted prescriptions for medicines (KZ 2.2 mln).

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PPP Project “Organization of social services for old people”

The Department of Employment and Social Programs of Pavlodar region initiated PPP project “Organization of social services for old people”.

The project provides for rendering of social services to old citizens of Pavlodar city and Pavlodar region.

These services include: giving a building for living, equipped with necessary furniture and bed clothes, appropriate sanitary-hygienic and fire safety requirements and four meals a day.

Health services, namely: exercise therapy, massage, treatment room, physiotherapy treatment, halochamber, phyto-bar and Scandinavian walking.

Psychological trainings, forming personal prerequisites for adaptation to new living conditions.

Leisure activities (concerts, themed evenings, excursions, visits to theaters and museums, fishing, collecting mushrooms and berries and etc).

This project involves qualified specialists for examination and consultation of patients.

Potential private partners, interested in implementing PPP project, present an alternative proposal concerning opportunities of implementation of such project, including:

names and addresses of potential private partner;

state ownership (for legal entities), citizenship (for individuals);

information about heads or owners of legal entities and individuals who will represent a potential private partner;

documents, confirming property rights or long-term lease in respect of the object or exclusive rights for the results of intellectual creative activity belonging to a potential private partner in accordance with the paragraph 137 of “Rules for planning and implementing the projects of public-private partnership” from November 25, 2015, №725.

Alternative proposals about interest in its implementation are carried until April 21, 2017 to the address: Pavlodar, Lenin st., 59, of. 101. Contact telephone numbers of the Department of Employment and Social Programs of the region: 764024, 764011.

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