CIS mission observers: Elections in Pavlodar region are organized at the highest level

The delegation from Novosibirsk also appreciated the technical equipment of the polling stations in the region. This was told by the representative of the CIS mission Olga Good. – As part of our delegation from the Novosibirsk region, we carried out international monitoring of the vote in the elections of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, – says the interlocutor. – We visited 65 polling stations in the region. Our group carried out surveillance in Pavlodar, Ekibastuz, Aksu and in the districts. I would like to note that observers from different parties, public organizations, representatives of candidates were present at all the sites where we visited. The organization was at a high level.

   The representative of the CIS mission also noted that for the first time in the history of Kazakhstan elections all the polling stations in the region were equipped for voting of people with disabilities.

      – It was a pleasant surprise that all conditions were created for wheelchair users, as well as a specially equipped place for the visually impaired and hearing impaired, so that they could get information about candidates and stencils for self-filling. Probably, for the first time in Kazakhstan the sites were equipped on such a scale, – Olga Blago Said. She also shared her thoughts on what experience of organizing elections Russians would like to adopt from Kazakhstan.

   – I would like to note a very interesting experience of Kazakhstan, which we do not have in Russia yet. If the person for some reason didn’t check in advance himself in the list of voters and came to a site in day of elections to vote, being sure that he in the list is, and his surname there didn’t appear, the accurate system worked. At each polling station in Pavlodar region, representatives of the service worked, which at the request of the voter, if he was not on the lists, even on election day, confirmed his registration at the place of residence and issued address certificates. On their basis, the voter was immediately included in the list, and he was given the opportunity to vote. For us, this issue is relevant, we think to offer this experience at home – shared Olga Good.

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