Construction is a priority

The heads of the Departments of Construction, Architecture and Urban Development, Urban and Land Control and also Department of Labor took part in the meeting, held in akimat of the region. They reported on the work, they had done in 2019 and shared plans for 2020.

Akim of the region Bulat Bakauov emphasized that the result is not reports on the work, but ways of solution of the urgent issues. The heads of the large construction enterprises, utility companies of Pavlodar and design companies participated also in the meeting.

The first speaker was the head of the Department of Construction Rustem Raisov, who noted that the volume of construction work in the region was KZ 206.8 bln last year and the total volume of commissioned housing was 332.7 th m2. It is more by 117.0% than in 2018, where the volume of square meters amounted to 284000.


Rustem Raisov told that KZ 45.3 bln (KZ 24.9 bln from the republican budget and KZ 20.4 from the local budget) were allocated for construction work in 2019. All financial resources were spent. The facilities were constructed according to the following state programs such as “Nurly zher” and “Nurly Yertis”, “Development of the regions until 2020”, “Business roadmap” for public health and education sectors, development of infrastructure of special economic zones.

The head of the Department of Construction also shared his plans for 2020.

“The forecasted volume of construction work for 2020 is KZ 228.0 bln tenge. In accordance with the developed concept of housing construction for 2020-2022, the planned volume of housing commissioning for 2020 in the region will be 420.9 th m2”, the head of the department said.

Due to increase in construction volume Rustem Raisov asked akims of the cities and areas to analyze the plans of construction work in detail and attract more private investment.

It is planned to spend KZ 55.1 bln (KZ 33.9 bln from the republican budget and KZ 21.2 from the local budget) for implementation of all construction work in the region (more by 121.6% than last year).

 The speaker noted that in connection with the annual growth in housing volumes and increased financing in the construction sector, the volumes of using of building materials is also increased. This year it is planned to open two brick and concrete plants.

Rustem Raisov said that the main problem in the development of individual housing construction in the regional center was heat supply to private housing projects. Akim of the region charged first deputy akim of the region Zhazylbek Ulan to hold a meeting and solve the issues of engineering and communication infrastructure to increase the incentive of people to build their own houses.


10/01/2020 36