Correcting the heating scheme in Pavlodar

The updated heating scheme will be tied to the new General city plan, calculated until 2030.

The pressing issue was discussed during the visiting meeting on the TEC-3 under the chairmanship of the Akim of the Pavlodar Oblast, Bolat Bakauov. As the saying of the General Director of “SevKazEnergoProm” LLP, Vladimir Peshkov, the engineering company defined the problem points.

– We have the problems with the bandwidth of the high-level thermal networks which have to be prepared both for acceptance of current and for the providing perspective loadings, – the speaker said. – The second problem lies in the fact that it is necessary to make a reserve regarding the thermal powers of the existing power sources. Now Pavlodar is provided with heat by three power sources – they are TEC-1, TEC -2 and TEC -3. We made the comparative analysis on given out and perspective technical conditions for the connection of consumers, and compared them with the capacities which our stations have. Taking into account the perspective loadings the reserve remains only at TEC -3, the insignificant reserve is at TEC-2. In a zone of heating TEC-1 where there will be the main construction sites – the residential districts “Saryarka” and “Dostyk”, and also the residential district PHC (private housing construction), we have planned the deficiency. Today we keep within the permissible thermal loadings, but in the remote prospect it is necessary to develop the actions for the providing the growing thermal loadings.

As the Oblast Akim noted that the updated heating scheme of the city will be tied to the General plan of Pavlodar, which was protected last year in the government.

– We have a clear vision for the following 5 years what we specifically have to build networks to solve a problem, we have literally 60% of the regional center in a red zone, we cannot provide with heat the new objects, – Bolat Bakauov said. – There are already ready the projects, there is an awareness of heads of our heating organizations. In this direction we already started the implementation of four projects, there is a financing from the republican budget, a part of the projects is under the construction at the expense of “Pavlodarenergo” JSC, and the company took the loans.

As the head of the region told, there are no difficulties with heating in Pavlodar for today. However the carried-out work is necessary for the perspective development of the city until 2030.

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10/04/2019 203