Doors Open Day

In the State Institution “High school number 3 for gifted children” was the Doors Open Day. Parents met with the educational process in terms of updating the content of education.

Parents saw how difficult it is to involve all students in a lesson in the process of learning, because the teacher, only an assistant, and finding the right information, applying it in another situation and offering an interesting solution is the business of the high school students who are moving along individual development paths. They saw their children in a different light, who know how to think outside the box, instantly solve complex problems, put forward creative ideas.The work of the scientific society of students “RITM”, the literary play “Epoch Nerve”, the meetings of the clubs “Patriot”, “Til Zhana Shyrlary”, the English club debates “Can money buy your happiness?”, classes of the robotics club, Chinese language, the family workshop of the “Shanyrak” project showed parents what the updated content means, what kind of developmental action it has on children.

19/02/2019 322